In Search of Vanilla wow friends! - Perenolde - Alliance

This is a long shot I know, but with Classic coming out I’m curious if anyone who I raided with plays still! (late 05 until the release of BC then the guild separated). I played on Perenolde - Alliance, as a NE Male Warrior by the name of Jamori and was in the guild . The GM’s were Darksoul(warrior) - (who mained his priest but I don’t recall that name) and Darkvixen(druid). I remember so many names its crazy! Jonnyblack(warrior lead), Tanel(Hunter), Avonder(Druid), Malgrektch(Hunter). I was young at the time, but I hold a lot of very dear memories raiding with them back in the days of classic!

The Eternal Circle was the guilds name… damn <>