<In Other News> Stormrage [A] 11N, 11H, 1M Recruiting DPS!

In Other News [A] on Stormrage-US is recruiting!

We pride ourselves on having a welcoming, friendly, laid-back atmosphere, while striving for mythic progression.

The classes we are currently looking for include: healer: shaman, or paladin; ranged: MAGE, BOOMKIN, warlock, shaman, hunter, or mage; or melee: warrior, death knight, demon hunter, or shaman!

However, we are ALWAYS looking for exceptional players!

We raid Wednesday, and Thursday, 8:15pm - 11:00pm server time.

Our progression in Sepulcher of the First Ones is 11/11 Normal, 11/11 Heroic, and 1/11 Mythic.

In Sanctum of Domination we were 5/10 Mythic, 10/10 Heroic and 10/10 Normal.

We use RCLootCouncil loot system for any items that you wish to trade, but have no expectations for you to trade. We offer discord for all members, in which we do require a working microphone in case you need to ever call out for something raid related. We use cauldrons for flasks in the raid, feasts for food, and provide vantus runes when needed.

Every Tuesday night is a dedicated M+ night for the whole guild. Any skill and item level is welcome to this night, and we do lower keys when necessary, but we also have multiple groups getting high keys completed.

We have a Community in game also, and would love to raid with our horde friends also! https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/VjG5BXwiXWO?region=US&faction=Alliance

If you are interested in applying or would like more information feel free to add Zahliah#1647 to talk some more about In Other News!