<In Other News> 6/9M Amirdrassil - Recruiting DPS!

In Other News on Stormrage-US is recruiting!

We pride ourselves on having a welcoming, friendly, laid-back atmosphere, while striving for mythic progression.

The classes we are currently looking for include: healer: paladin; ranged: boomkin, hunter, shaman, warlock, MAGE, evoker, or spriest; or melee: warrior, or rogue! However, we are ALWAYS looking for exceptional players!

We raid Wednesday, and Thursday, 8:15pm - 11:00pm server time.

Our progression in Amirdrassil is 4/9 mythic, 9/9 heroic, and 9/9 normal.

We will be using RCLootCouncil loot system for item drops, to keep it fair for everyone, and keep everyone gearing evenly. We offer discord for all members, in which we do require a working microphone in case you need to ever call out for something raid related. We use cauldrons for flasks in the raid, feasts for food, and provide vantus runes when needed.

Every Tuesday night is a dedicated M+ night for the whole guild. Any skill and item level is welcome to this night, and we do lower keys when necessary, but we also have multiple groups getting high keys completed.

We have a Community in game and would love to raid with our horde friends also! https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/VjG5BXwiXWO?region=US&faction=Alliance

If you are interested in applying or would like more information feel free to add Zahliah#1647 to talk some more about In Other News!
ION is looking for some wonderful, fun raiders for our team. Add me if you are interested, or want to find out more information! :)
Wearing a mink a coat as furry as Chewbacca.
Recruitment game rough, ugly as Baraka.

Hugslol stays on the blast of a hype verse.
We want healers so Riicardo never needs a hearse.
Still looking for healers that are always stupendous.
Can you be in a tight spot yet always heal tremendous?

We only raid 9 hours a week, no need for mom's basement.
If you're interested in joining, hit up Zahliah for placement!

Seeking applicants that will push for the top.
Is your game so sick; we’ll need a cough drop?

If you’re the top of your class and want to go hard.
Apply today, hit up Zahliah for a business card.

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IoN stays winnin’, always soaked in the Gatorade.
Please join us today if your game is never frayed.

We await your application with cupcakes and confetti.
Don’t let this opportunity slip by you; Mom’s spaghetti.


We need more people whom are consistently spectacular.
IoN wants to become a part of your everyday vernacular.

Skills so breathtaking they’d cause us to have an asthma attack?
Then we would love for you to apply and become one of the pack.

Do you theorycraft more than Sir Issac Newton?
Numbers so feared people call you Vladimir Putin?

Light raid schedule with a focus on progression.
Come play with us, no need to quit your profession.

IoN stays on the rise like the perfect souffle.
Top of the food chain, don’t become our prey.

Always on our grind, keepin’ everyone in our rear-view.
Lookin’ for some permanent fixtures; epoxy glue.

Still looking for more
Apply today, we are fun galore
Years of joy in store

Still looking for healers that can go deep.
Who always save Riicardo from eternal sleep.

Lots of fun and progression for only 9 hours a week?
These other recruitment threads suddenly look bleak.

Still looking for a few good people, if you aren’t a rooster.
Hot numbers with a smile is always a real morale booster.

IoN stays turned to eleven like a radio with a broken knob.
Muphrid needs some new recruits, he’s a real heart throb.

Are you guys still looking for heals by chance?

Hey there! We are looking for another healer, preferably a paladin, but a shaman is good too.

Still looking!

Still on the hunt.

To the top.


I’m here for the Hugslol raps

In Other News, we’re still recruiting!

Jesus take the wheel.