In memoriam

Yesterday my friend Prestojester lost his fight with cancer.
I met him when I transferred to AP upon joining the CTR guild. We became fast friends.

I never met him but we talked in Discord every night. 7 years.

Tonight at 8pm EST I am going to RP walk from Booty Bay to Stormwind and think of my friend.

Anyone that would like to join me for some or all of it is completely welcome. If you’ve ever lost a WoW friend it would be nice to know I’m not alone If you’ve ever lost a wild friend it would be nice to know I’m not alone.


Hey there Podo!

You arent alone buddy. I will be around.

About four days before the launch of BFA I received a phone call from my friends sister that Fanta aka Claudia lost her battle to cancer. She was a Great friend and Guild Leader and I to had to cope with her loss. Every night I stand in Falcon Wing Square and watch the moon rise just like we did when she was playing. There are times I expect to see her log-on and ask if I need help with any quest. The pain is always there but it does get better. I pray for you and your friends family.