In loving memory of Manon...

After a long battle with illness my dear friend Manon has left our world on the 20th of last month. He was a great friend, entertainer and someone who always could always cheer you up when you were down effortlessly. You will be missed old friend. Please use this thread to say some kind words to remember our greymane/tanaris legend Manon.
Manon was one of the coolest guys you could possibly meet. Always cheerful and ready to help anyone. You will be missed friend.
I am truly sorry to hear of the loss of your friend, Denk. Please accept my condolences on behalf of all of us in <KTK>.
damn my condolences
Rest in peace my friend, you will be missed.
Ill miss seeing his "Ugh" to say hello when i log on, and all of his shenanigans, Rest in peace my friend.
Manon, you were my buddy. You gave me advice, you were always willing to listen to whatever drama was going on in my own life, and always, always, always knew how to cheer me up. More than that, you were the glue that held Equilibrium together. There are no words for how much I will miss you. We will always remember you. I will always remember you.

And yes, per your request, I'll make you a Manon rank.
I had fun playin video games with you Manon. In a world like this where so many people try to find reasons to hate and fear each other in real life, a simple an act as being a good guildmate in WoW can truly be a contemporary miracle. Never doubt that you left the world better than you found it.
Rest well my dear friend :( you had the best stories and the best advice. You always got me to do the things I was too scared to do by myself and made me a much better player. Great memories on and off game.. I will always miss you.
Manon you were one of the best people around, always trying to help even if you felt like !@#$. I will always remember you and all your stories, and all the things you told me. Thanks manon for everything and rest well buddy, you deserve it.
This is some truly Ugh news. Hopefully he is in a better place where paladins are always OP and pants are never required.
RIP Manon. We had a toast a few days before you passed and I told you I would try to get Blizz to toss a NPC in the game for you.
Rest easy my friend.
Longtime member of his and Aubade guild Penumbra, he's why I've been in the game since Burning Crusade, He will be missed!! He would so love the new world PVP!!!
Manon was my best auction house friend. We spent many days and nights camped and undercutting each other before we became friends many years ago. We always greeted each other with an ugh and talked about the markets... I feared the worst when I hadn't seen him recently. I'm heartbroken. Thanks for the memories, friend.
Any Horde player during Mists knew him well. VERY well. We had a lot of fun times in WPvP and I'm very sad to hear the news.
I never knew Manon on a personal level as I've always played Horde but I do remember encountering him during Wintergrasp and other world PvP events. Back in Wrath I remember he caught me off guard in the Grizzly Hills and we had a lil' show down. Fun times, he was a great player. Will be missed indeed.

I knew Manon for well over a decade… I never knew about his illness but he and I were always on late at night and would ramble on about this or that. He was always able to make me feel better about myself and my situation… he will be missed.

  • Nolym, of Greymane.

So sorry to hear of Manun’s passing. Always extremely tough to lose those dear to us. Hope Manun is no longer in pain and in a happy place.

My condolences.

Although I can not tell you I knew him. It is always a tragedy to lose a member of such a great community and a valued friend to you. My deepest Condolences from myself and the guild to all who knew and interacted with him. I lost my wife three years ago, she was an avid player, and I understand all to well.