In game weapon appearance buggy

This might seem like a silly complaint but since the pre patch the appearance of a couple of my swords is not showing correctly. The “Blade of Wizadry” and “Very Light Saber” (both one handed) are supposed emit a steady fire like appearance. One red flame the other blue. They are identical models with different colors. Now however they throb on and off steadily back and forth as if it can’t make up it’s mind. I have altered my graphics setting many times to try and figure out if there is something I missed but I can’t figure out what’s up. I know they show correctly on my other account that is played on a laptop (it does have better performance w/ processor and graphics cards) so I’m wondering if there is a setting issue I’m not able to figure out or I don’t know, any advice would be great.

My computer is a 2015 Mac running 10.13.6 OS with 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3 and AMD Radeon R9 M380 2048 MB. I should be able to see some simple weapon effects even with these specs.

Thank you for your time.