In game mail options to reduce harassment

I agree blizz should be totally on top of situations like this. Also, I hope your friend isn’t giving this company actual $$.

Has she not reported the guy for harassment? It’s my experience that Blizz bans for such things.

Why would they make a public post? Matters like this need a private ticket.

Reducing privacy? Care to explain how? How is asking for filters reducing privacy?

hahahahahaha. :speak_no_evil:

She sounds like she’s enjoying the mails so she can complain about them. If I was getting mail from a stalker who was in my gulf, I’d gquit or even move servers. This story is super weird.

I had the exact same thing happen and when I reported it, blizzard banned them. For quite some time.

Not entirely sure why it’s not working this time around. They don’t take kindly to circumventing ignore.

Well, first things first, report them! Especially with mail saying they should kill themselves. That crosses a pretty sharp line.

Report them and if they get banned and try to ban evade to continue then more serious actions could be taken.

Second, you know I kind of like the idea of mail filters. I mean, its very niche but I get it. We have whisper filters, trade filters, guild filters, etc. but no mail filters. I think it would be a good move.

Now, on the other hand, this is where the cynical side of me comes into play. That line tells me there is more to the story than what is being said. If she HAS reported it there is no way it has been going on for a year, and if he is making alt accounts to continue and its also been reported Blizzard would have put a stop to it.

I know a lot of people like to rag on how “reporting doesn’t do anything” but they do and especially in scenarios like what you outline above in terms of examples.

Again, this is where red flags pop up for me. If a guy is telling someone to kill themselves and they are reported I am pretty sure they are going to be actioned, in which case making a new toon won’t help them. If they continued by making multiple accounts, it would be noticed that they are continuing to harass her.

To me, this comes off as part of the story is either missing -OR- the person who is being “attacked” is not telling you something.

And then this isn’t really going to help your case but turning around and insulting Blizzard immediately after asking for help with a problem.

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Again, while I agree with you at the start that Mail Filter’s would be cool to see, and I love the examples you made it’s really not a good idea to make its a petition and asking for people to vote by liking your post.

Having a lot of up votes does not mean they are more or less likely to notice your post. Trust me, if that were the case my post on the Caravan Brutosaur which has nearly 400 likes would have done something about that change.

They are not, they really are not. It needs to be reported and as I mentioned above, either part of this story is not being told -or- the person who you are speaking for in your post is not telling you the full story. Also, she needs to be the one making the reports.

Again, I think your idea of Mail Filters is great and I would love to see Mail Filters in game, however past that you are going about this the wrong way.

Yeah, which is making me thing that there is more to the story than what is being told or that the person who he says is being harassed is not giving him the full story in some way.


I would suggest maybe getting law enforcement involved since the harasser has told the person to end their life. There was a lady not too long ago who did something similar to a young teenager (The harassment that this lady did happen all on the internet.) and the law enforcement went after her. If Blizzard can’t help you, maybe law enforcement can.

Blizzard does do something though, they just haven’t tried. It’s similar to that other thread where the fool openly said something along the lines of “I haven’t reported anything yet.” Like, really?

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Indeed, like I said, I think we are missing huge parts of the story or the victim is not telling this guy the full truth.

Blizzard does act on this stuff.


Except for actually putting protections in that we can use.

The fact that it has been 15+ years and we still don’t have account wide ignore is sad.

I mean ffs they locked the ability to ignore people on the forums behind trust levels. You want to protect yourself from someone? Better sing praise to Blizzard, one misstep and you lose access to those protections.

It is clear that these are made up stories trying to push an agenda with an end goal of making the character completely anon. I mean does anyone really buy “years of harassment, but I haven’t used any of the tools to try and get it to stop”?

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That part makes literally zero sense…

The forums lack any form of direct communication and if someone is coming into different threads to harass you then that is what flagging is for and they will get actioned over it…

I still think having an ignore function on these forums was one of the worst things that Blizzard could have added. They are a discussion forum, it does not lead to productive discussion to just cut out anyone you disagree with and if you can’t handle people disagreeing with you then you have no place on a forum that exists literally for discussion.

I could have understood that choice if the WoW forums had a DM/PM system but it doesn’t.

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I have had two incidents of in game harassment. Both times Blizzard took care of it. People like the OP are not telling the whole story or are completely making it up (which is what I am leaning towards). If they reported harassment circumventing the ignore, Blizzard’s response is not “just keep putting them on ignore and report them”.

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I’ve flagged people who have followed me around attacking me and there was no action. Action doesn’t get taken unless enough people flag them.

I’m surprised a green wants to allow harassment and remove protections. All the while having access to those very protections himself.

Protections for me and not thee.

What protections exactly do you think I have that you don’t???

Literally the ability to ignore people.

Right, but I am saying that no one should have those “protections” not even MVP’s. And because of my position as an MVP, even on the old forums that did have standard ignore feature from the get go, I never used it because of the very reasons I preach against it!

It is not in the best interest of a forum, focused on discussion, to have a way to cut out portions of discussion regardless of if you like someone or not. It creates a situation of disconnect from a discussion.

I would sooner quit these forums before ever ignoring a user on these forums because the moment I use that ignore feature I am squelching discussion to a degree.

There are plenty of people on these forums who I personally do not like, though I do try to be impartial, but even with my personal distaste and some of the squabbles we have gotten into there are times when productive discussion can be made even among people you may not like.

I will always stand firm by the idea that an ignore function for anyone on these forums, especially when there is no PM or DM system, is a terrible idea.


There is a difference between productive discussion and following someone around harassing them. I had one guy follow me around thread to thread and even search my posts, found my main and was messaging me ingame. I blocked him ingame but he kept harassing me on the forums. I flagged all the posts I could but unless enough flag it nothing gets done.

I ended up making a thread, got fed up and calling for the mods to do something and I was the one who got banned, which I knew would happen but nothing was being done.

Blizzard needs to protect their players. There is nothing wrong with an ignore feature.

I had that for a while, a person on these forums followed me around bringing up a post I made in a thread that asked the question “Do you AFK in LFR?” as well as some people from the WRA server who were following me around in every thread I went to trying to defame/turn people against me while derailing threads because I called them out on their hostility/rude behavior in a WRA on the old forums.

It happens, those people do eventually get actioned through reports. Yeah, not as quickly as people who get mass flagged as it kinda jumps you ahead in the queue.

That’s not true at all, it just takes longer because the posts that get mass flagged get jumped further ahead in the queue, paired with the greatly reduced Blizzard moderation staff on a very large and active forum… It can take a while for things to get moving.

You most likely crossed a line, my dude, and broke a part of the CoC. I myself have made many a post about my disappointment with moderation on these new forums but did so within CoC and forum guidelines.

And before you say its MVP privilege or something imma stop ya right there. We are not immune to the rules. In 2019 (I don’t think it was 2018, though maybe it was) I got a 3 day suspension for saying something I honestly should not have and then at the end of 2019 one of my threads got locked. Us MVP’s are not immune to consequences either just in case you or anyone else might think that.

I know a lot of people seem to think we MVP’s get super special treatment and might be above the forum rules but we honestly are not.

Trust me, you are not the only one frustrated with these forums. I bet you that there are even CM’s unhappy with the current forums as well as their current manpower.

As Hamstar said though, they do do this. The problem is that player perception, because there is no visible feedback. Heck, even twitter has responses when you make reports to let you know “Hey, we are doing something! Please keep reporting people breaking the rules!”

Blizzard’s actions may not be instant, they may not give any form of direct feedback/confirmation, but they do act.

Depends on the setting. In WoW where there are ways to directly message a single person? Yeah, absolutely, an Ignore feature is great! In a public forum where the focus is active discussion and sharing of opinions? No, I am sorry, but I disagree. Maybe if these forums had a PM/DM system but the fact that nothing like that exists, I do not agree these forums need an ignore function.

Wait… Did you just say you reported people for PvP? When you have to opt in to PvP?

“But kardurst you don’t understand I didn’t want to PvP”. Then turn war mode off.

“But kardurst this was before war mode” then why did you roll on a PvP server?

Yeah reporting is not for PvP deaths. It’s for actual harassment.

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