In game lag?

After the recent hot fix that just ruined PvP for everyone, which couldn’t get any stupider in terms of decision making, ive been trying to level up my alt as a means to do something other than PvP for now. When trying to swap to my main after someone camped my alt I moved my main right near the spot where I died. I swap characters and now the game is literally stuck in server lag. I can’t res. I can log in to each toon but I can’t mount up. I can’t stealth. But the chats still work. God forbid I try to protect my alt :slight_smile: I’m literally just trying to enjoy the game and do something else besides PvP for the time being because eventually we will all get over it, but at this point we’re running out of options. I even checked with the people in my realm and it’s happening to others all over. It’s been going on for days and days now. How much more lag, how many maintenance Tuesday’s are you gonna announce without actually fixing anything? In my memory, I’m pretty sure the only PvP fix people wanted was to be able to queue without getting pug stomped by a premade, not to have it made worse on them. I just wish hot fixes would go toward helping the integrity of the game and not something stupid like a PvP hotfix that’s actually Going to hurt payers. Great a public test realm, but how about the lag issues. How about do something about the bots, help the actual game itself so these things don’t happen. I’m in a low level area and this is happening right now? The servers are lagging so bad I can’t even swap a character to kill a little gnome harassing me LOL. We just wanna play the game. I can’t PvP, fine, I’m content with leveling an alt or doing something else but jesus, people are running out of options at this point. I just wanna play. I just wanna play. I just wanna play.

Not that I have anything to say about anything else related to your topic, but isn’t the hotfix you’re referring to the one that is scheduled to come out, the day after tomorrow?