In-Game Harassment

As soon as I log into the game, I’m immediately harassed by a player that I’ve never seen before. I’ve blocked them, submitted in-game reports, and have submitted a ticket, but I know with how busy support staff are that it can take some time before the ticket is addressed. Is there anything that can be done in the meantime so I can continue to play the game? Thanks!

Make sure you keep them on ignore, but most importantly - do not respond in any way, shape, or form!

If they bypass your ignore, ignore them again and submit a ticket for on-going harassment.


Read carefully through this.

When you put someone on Ignore it will ignore every character on that account for your character. BUT you have to do it from each one of your characters separately.

Never ever take them off ignore and never reply to them. When they switch accounts to circumvent Ignore, you put in an ongoing harassment ticket.

It takes time, but Blizzard will deal with them when it is shown that you have used the tools on your end and they won’t leave you alone.

That said, harassment means contacting you via chat and such. It does not cover PvP, being in the same physical space as you, fishing where you might be, killing mobs near you, farming resources near you. I know you did not say they were, but I just wanted to make sure that part was clear.


I appreciate the suggestions and have the player on ignore, where they will remain.

Based on that definition, it may not be considered verbal/chat harassment, but my character is unplayable while the offending player is online. Without going into specific details, they are doing everything they can to block my screen and block interactable objects. The only exception is dungeons or anything instanced, where they can’t get into.

The game is absolutely massive in a virtual sense. There’s really no way for them to track you everywhere. If they are going to that length, put in a ticket for ongoing harassment and be specific that you have them on ignore and yet they are following you through zones, hearths and literally everywhere.

This will be harder for the GMs to action as they can technically travel anywhere they wish in-game too. But someone would have to be pretty darned dedicated to follow you from flightpath, to flightpath, or via a flying mount etc.


Unfortunately, what you’ve described is exactly the situation. I’ve already submitted a ticket and know that the support team is very busy, but I was hoping there was some other tool available to assist with the situation until the ticket can be addressed.

There’s no option really for preventing someone from being in-game or in the same area as you.

I don’t mean this in a harsh way, but I find it hard to believe that you can’t find a spot in-game where they can’t actually follow you, at least not without a whole lot of difficulty. Here’s what I mean; if it were me, I would head to a flight path with them in tow and then fly to a random spot or a place with multiple destinations like somewhere with portals.

I’d even set my hearth somewhere completely remote, so that if they do want to try and harass you, you hearth and then take your time going where you actually want to so that they waste all their time trying to track you down before you log off.

Personally, I have a mage that I’d love to see someone try and follow me around on :wink:

Edit to add: If you have a garrison, set your hearth there and just sit there. They can’t enter your garrison. Drive them crazy with somewhere they can’t get to you and waste their time so that they get bored and move on.

Just some thoughts that I hope help!


Submitting the ticket was the right thing to do! Even though the support team is very busy, this is one of the priorities, assuming you used the Ongoing Harassment ticket path. If you used a generic Not listed here path, there will be much longer of a wait.

Ongoing Harassment:


If your garrison is level 3 and you have the mage tower building built, you can have three ports there to other Draenar zones. Plus you have a port to Ashran starting zones and then a port to Tanaan Jungle and Orgrimmar/Stormwind.

Dalaran-Broken Shore and Garrison hearthstones can take you away from the harasser to an unreleated zone. In Dalaran you also have Class Halls. If they aren’t your class you can go there. Some only have one entrance/exit but a number don’t. The Hunter class hall also lets you leave to Highmountain. Death Knight hall is over Broken Shore and you can fly out of it. Paladin hall also has an exit to Eastern Plaguelands. Warrior hall can give ports to Legion zones. Druid Dreamgrove gives access to six portals.


Another trick in line with this: Pick a flight that flies through multiple zones. Even if they happen to pick the same one as you (highly unlikely), you can hit the exit button and your flight will stop at the next point while they continue on.


I wish the default ignore system was account vs account level and not character vs account. The ignore add-on I used that synced ignored players across all my characters stopped being updated and so now all anyone has to do is lookup your character on any one of the database sniffing sites and they will have a list of all your alts to spam you with regardless of you putting them on ignore since…once again, the default ignore is not account vs account.

It’s such a stupid system.


Well, you can do some to help safeguard yourself in that regard. Under your account settings → privacy & communication, you can disable your data from being used by apps and such.

And I know with sites such as the checkpvp that allows one to snoop on folks, you can create an account and go through and mark all your characters as private so that looking one up will not reference any of your alts. Most sites do have something along those lines. It’s a nuisance, but there are some measures that can be taken to cover one’s tracks.


Unfortunately this issue is still ongoing and the harassment and stalking is just as bad as it was on day 1. I’ve submitted countless reports and ticket replies and I honestly don’t know what to do at this point. My character is literally unplayable outside of instanced areas and is basically limited to raid-logging only. Please, I’m hoping someone knows something I can do or someone who can help stop this.

What have ur tickets replies been.

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I’m not sure how much information I can provide about the tickets due to any policies, but essentially the ticket responses I’ve received resemble what’s referenced on the page Rufflebottom linked - they indicate they can’t discuss any actions taken and can’t discuss investigations.

To my knowledge I haven’t done anything to provoke the player in any way and never saw them before this incident began. I try to ignore them completely and go about my business in-game, but they continue to be as disruptive as possible, generating tons of in-game noise, attempting to block and move across my screen in distracting ways, and blocking interactable objects. They literally follow me everywhere, including through portals, hearthstones, and flying. The only time I even click their name is to submit additional in-game reports, then deselect them and attempt to move on, which unfortunately has been unsuccessful.

Go to draenor unlock ur garrison and use that as ur hearth that way they cant show up when u log on honestly unless they have u on real id or something they shouldnt be tracking u like this its not possible.


Unfortunately I’ve tried hearthing to random locations and doing anything I can to distance myself from them in-game. It’s hard to describe how dedicated they are to pursuing me. It honestly feels like stalking and harassing me is all this person does in life, it’s constant. Hearthing a significant distance only gives me a few minutes before they travel to my location yet again by other means.

I’ve even gone so far as to purge almost everyone from my friends list, hoping that it would alleviate the issue. Are there any other tools available that I can use to address this? This has become incredibly depressing and frustrating being constantly harassed with nothing I can do to prevent it.

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As has been stated, place them on Ignore. You will not see any communication from them. If they switch to an alt to try to communicate with you, then immediately place that character on Ignore and open a ticket for Ongoing Harassment. Do not communicate with them or respond in any way except to place them on Ignore.

Beyond that, no. There is no rule that says they can’t follow you around and always be in the same place as you. So if that’s the only thing they are doing, then quite frankly, nothing is going to come from it.

The issue is they’re not saying anything at all. Them being in the same area isn’t the problem either - in addition to aggressively following me everywhere, they are doing as I described above which makes gameplay impossible while I’m logged into my character and that player is online. I’m not sure of a better way to describe the issue than to say they are literally preventing me from playing the game. Sadly, this isn’t an exaggeration.