In-game Distraction

It’s annoying in the middle of a fight to notice the COLLECTIONS icon flashing away. I thought it signaled something, but then noticed that it starts flashing every time I level up, whenever I use a portal, when I come out of a cinematic … any way to turn this “feature” off?

And while I’m here ---- What happened to auto-quest tracking? There used to be a box in DISPLAY that you could tic to turn it off and on. It’s not there anymore. It’s a pain to have to open the quest log every time I accept a quest so I can turn on tracking for it.

For the collections stuff, make sure you don’t have some unwrapped pet or mount in there. Stuff like that will cause the notifications to pop back up regularly. I won’t argue that a less intrusive option wouldn’t be nice.

For various settings, the addon AdvancedInterfaceOptions is incredibly useful. It brings back access to several settings that were trimmed, and has the cVar browser which lets you look for all of the hidden settings as well.

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Thanks … checking both things out now. :+1:

Check mount accessories, it has a feature awareness cue. Click it. Also there used to be an issue with pvp talents for your off spec that kept bugging people to add them.

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That was it, All I had to do was click the flashing “New” in the box, lower left. No more flashing icon. Thanks Sorovil, :+1:

yeah the oddly colored “NEW” doesn’t look like any other icon in the game and doesn’t even look clickable heh drives me crazy like a fine young cannibal, ooooh ooooh

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Wonder how many get that? :sweat_smile: And Weird Al’s parody “She Drives Like Crazy” is hilarious.