In Development: Looking Ahead to Embers of Neltharion

I’m pretty sure Priest and Paladin are swapped.
And if they are correctly labeled… they should be swapped tbh.


What were you expecting, pants? :jeans:

Are priest plate now?
Joking aside I wish I could tmog that set on my paladin, damn.

Good job on it!


Priest set looks great. Too everyone saying it and the paladin set should be swapped, please actually look at the sets. Priest is cloth with ornamental plating. Paladins set is actually fully metal (even if plate robes are still one of the weirdest things wow does) and has protection iconography, whereas the priest set has more angelic iconography which is something priests have a lot of.


I’m really amazed by the quality of the tier sets this expansion. The art work expansion wide has been incredible so far!!

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Tier looks good apart from demon hunter. Looks awful.

More interested about class changes and of any spec is getting the ret pally treatment

Paladins crying over the Priest set lmao good to see


Priest set is perfect, thanks <3


The Priest and Paladin sets look like they should be swapped. The Priest set looks far more Paladin like and the Paladin set looks far more priest like. At least in terms of those being the only choices.

I don’t plan on using either for transmog but, just calling it like I see it.


I know the art is already set in stone, but can we have another art designer for hunter tier next time? So sick of crappy looking hunter sets that I don’t look forward to wearing. If you like it, ok, but that’s not what I am seeing reflecting in my social media circles. It’s ugly. The stuff from the monthly tendie chest is better than this.


Priest set literally has cloth hood, cloth robe, cloth pants and metal shoulders/boots/gloves. Paladin set is fully metal aside from a tiny partt on the arms.

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I don’t think what it looks like it’s made of necessarily matters to what it is.

Paladin tier 2, which we all know and love, also looks like a mostly cloth set, but it’s plate.

Similarly, priests have also had sets, like the Trial of the Crusader set, which looked like a lot more than cloth going on while still being cloth.

I mean that’s fine and I realize that the paladin set is pretty underwhelming but doesn’t mean they should take away what is one of the best looking priest sets of all time and give it to paladins either. Just redo the paladin set from scratch and leave priests alone lol.

Both paladin and priest ones look good imo.
But they definitely look mixed to me. The middle one looks like a paladin and the right one looks like a priest.

Just like the one on the left looks like a DK and is definitely not a mage.


Did they really need to put (Heroic) by Hunters and Warriors? Everyone already knows they are.

i thought neltharion was dead…

Monk transmog is kinda boring

Merely a setback.

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Final boss of DF is a Nzoth-infused Neltharion. Mark it 8, dude


ok but WHICH set is supposedly to be palladin? because the middle one seems more like plate and the right one seems like cloth. It matters because the middle one looks awesome and the right one is honestly extremely underwhelming for either class