In Development: Fury Incarnate

With the various races belonging to their respective nations, the nations military alliance or a neutral faction?

WoW such non-culture… /s

I said one set for each race and it’s fine.

They’re never going to do this, btw.

Either humans or orcs.

Other cultures are not represented. Honestly orcs barely get any screen time these days. It’s really more like humans or blood elves, and blood elves are just humans but haughtier.

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Can’t show too much skin so it will be.

I can’t wait for it to be the bikini so I have something else to point at when people make dumb comments like this.

Other cultures have constantly been represented with their respective cultural outfits, with the exception of the join military alliances like Kor’kron and 7th legion.

Which you want to be available for everyone, making them meaningless.

Anyways you obviously aren’t going to get what you want because literally nobody else wants that and it would take more work for Blizzard to stretch the heritage armors onto other models, so I’ll leave it at that.


I’m of the opinion we’re going to have a Light vs Void expansion. I think she’s going to be a key figure if that ever comes up and she’ll give Turalyon an excuse to work with the Horde because she’s a Menethil and has Saa’ra.

Also I think Calia is a puppet of Saa’ra, at least in the book she came across as such. Saa’ra literally got her killed.

Didn’t they datamine that bikini NE set or something a long time ago? It looked like the original cover art for the game. I want it to be that!

I wouldn’t be surprised, never trusted those windchimes.

It actually got used on the NPCs during the BfA pre-patch stuff in Darkshore.

I’d rather we get something a little more intricate for our actual heritage armor, but it’d sure be neat if we got that as a bonus or something, race-locked or not.

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Don’t hold your breath.

Any news on when (if?) a new BG map will be added, mr. Blue person? 2018 was a long time ago…

Not everyone is satisfied with fairly trivial stuff like transmog/heritage armor or expanded race/class combos - some actual new content (…such as a new BG map) would be nice

Yeah I’m just gonna flag and ignore you, cheers.


I take back my previous comment about the armor. It needs more Lordaeron logos and inspiration.

Put that L everywhere like you’re designing a Louis Vuitton or Gucci product. :rofl:


Thanks for keeping us appraised of whats next and keeping the patch cadence up nicely. Can’t say I am a fan of the forsaken armor set but am hopeful for the NE set and the story quests sound cool.

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Yeah, the Warfront sets were better.

And they aren’t even race-locked!

Why does the undead heritage armor not have gauntlets?

Its just a set of janitor’s clothes for them to clean up Tirisfal. The coffin is for their dead homies.

Honestly amusing to be reported for calling out a person for finding an outfit devalued because the “wrong” races use it.

Love the Coffin like thing on the undead heritage armor set that’s sick.


It’s racist . . . to want to keep the Sin’dorei set exclusive to the Sin’dorei . . . ?