In Development: Fury Incarnate

Criminettly Pete. How are people supposed to get all the stuff they want out of a patch before we barrel on to the next one? Up until now I’ve been able to slow-and-steady my way into the achievements, pets, mounts and other cool stuff offered by a patch with dedicated solo grinds over time.

With the way that a lot of this stuff is focused on group zergs of things like rares and group objectives, though, it’s not like I can come back and keep up those grinds once everyone else has moved on to the next new thing. So then that’s another five to-dos on the pile for years later, when I can solo stuff. And five more. And five more. Meanwhile, people who no-life it in a frenzied three-month rush are able to complete what they want, to the detriment of doing anything else with their time in the game.

And then, inevitably, the zergrush is nerfed, even. I’m just waiting for the announcement that time rifts have been hotfixed to only give any rewards once a week.


New heritage nice

More storyline can’t wait to experience it

Can’t wait to experience the new dungeon in heroic mode.

There’s a lot to like about the Forsaken Heritage Armor. But I have to say, that chest piece is incredibly plain. I love they Lordaeron symbol and the entire look of the belt and pouches. The shoulders and the back piece are really dope. I just really want something a bit more interesting for the chest piece, as it seems rather unremarkable, sandwiched between such beautiful, detailed pieces.



Plus new young faces for NEs. The few faces they have (especially male NEs)… just no… xD)

That armor looks very strange. Like Forskane Acolyte from wc3 without a robe

Hoping the Dreamsurges go better than other recent world content. Been too much stuff that’s near impossible to do in dead hours of the night on a non-raid geared character because there are no groups.

Bit worried this is just new primal storms but eager to be proven wrong. It kinda looks like it just buffs current outdoor content to drop better gear for a bit.

Sometimes a set isn’t in a state that we can capture and show it right away. We will when we can, though.


NE heritage set: :mailbox:

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Part of me hopes that the “Night elf, Forsaken & MORE” means mechagnome updates but that is probably never going to happen :frowning_face:

Honestly, the more that I look at the armor, I feel like having the straps cross x style (like the Mag’har set) would solve a lot of my issues with the chest piece. And I must stress again, I think overall it’s phenomenal. The fact that the coffin is a backpack, with two pouches on the sides, and a top flap is INCREDIBLE.


I do hope some class reworking and tuning will be in there as well, and you’re just playing cards close and not pre-announcing them after the rogue one had to get bumped and people got fussy.

I believe in you guys but it’s a really rough time to be a windwalker main married to a BM hunter main!

Now make it so if you /sleep in the Forsaken armor, you place the coffin on the ground and hop inside.


I hope these Night Elf customization updates can give a little something to the Nightborne at the same time. If nothing else, at least the Dark Ranger skin/eyes.

I’m glad there’s new content already on PTR but this patch cycle just deliver products without enough testing…Please fix Time Rift Latency…last patches had some lag issues, typos, unfun gameplay…ZC rares and activities died like in 1 week… some of these issues were mentioned on PTR by players.

To be fair, ZC activity died down a week later because everyone was just waiting for the raid and S2 to begin. At least the 10.1.5 and 10.1.7 activities will have their time to shine w/o a new raid and season overshadowing them.

That being said, good luck on the latency issues. Devs are probably just waiting for players to lose interest, which will mean less players engaged in the activity and the latency taking care of itself (which is unfortunate).

I hope so. I think the red and purple Man’ari skin tones look way cooler than the blue Draenei. Would be a really neat addition to get for my Draenei Warlock.


This is amazing! What id like to see is Eredar/Manari customizations for Draenei (would match the warlocks perfectly) And I know it’s a long shot but Night Elf Paladins.

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Finally night elf and undead - I hope quests are as amazing as orc heritage was. One request, can finally let nelfs be paladins? Pretty please :pray:t2:

I read the title wrong and was expecting to see a gang of angry Vulpera.


So I heard this is hitting PTR today???

Blizz wildin man, love to see it. Never let the hype die, only the time rifts.

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