In Depth Guide To Getting Geared For PVP Please

I used to be a decent pvper and knew how to get geared at max level. That was about three expansions or so ago. I am trying to get back into max level pvp and the only way i am used to getting pvp gear is through Random BGs’ and arena. Wheen i got this character to max level i had about 10100 honor which i used all to get honor gear. I tried my hand at solo bgs’ and when we win i got a little conquest. What i really want to know is what is the best and fastest way to get geared for pvp at max level? The more in depth guide the better. Dragonflight is still considered new to me even though i have a level 70. With the honor that i get from solo bgs should i use that to upgrade my honor gear or should i use it for something else? Do i need to farm materials? Help with this stuff would be greatly appreciated