In Classic WoW

Wonder how to get into the Valley I do. Not know. Must do
The Missing Diplomat quest. And the only way to get in seems to be by exploiting my way in. Unless other way in there is. Know how to get in there I do not.

Youtube videos of how to to all show hopping thru walls and going under SW and using terrain hopping to get there. On my low level pally. Classic WoW. Must do.

The Missing Diplomat quests are part of a series under the same name. Which part are you attempting to do?

Is it Jorgen you are trying to find in the Valley of Heroes?

Unless I am missing something (and I could be, didn’t start in Vanilla), Valley of Heroes in Classic is in the same place as in Retail. So not understanding the references to having to sneak in to it.

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I should also point out that using any abnormal means to get into the valley is usualy a bad idea.

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