In B4 flood of horde QQ

Yeah except that you have to travel to a BM to queue up(vanilla had no convenient queue menu) and as I recall in vanilla you get ported back to the BM after the BG is over…

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Good thing I play both sides !

not need to get into your personal life, Murlyn.


Took me a second to catch that one…it’s early

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Pretty sure if your dead you also cant take the queue. So if a horde dies at chillwind as the queue pops, yea gl getting to your body.

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Dude. They are adding the framework for paid transfers. Today. :rofl:

When did you get that email? Looks more like some miscommunication than anything. Do you really think they are adding the framework to never use it?
Another revenue stream to be passed up when there’s people begging for it?

Actions speak louder than words. Here. Here’s some words from Gallywixx for ya.

That includes pve servers which are largely alliance players

Bro what are you even talking about? The only people that has been QQing is Alliance ever since wPvP honor became a thing. I have never seen so much complaining from a game ever in my life!!!

Do you really think queues are going to make me cry? Nope. I am just going to go out in the open world in different zones and kill/camp people trying to quest during my queue. Enjoy more people quitting on the Alliance side broseph. :wink:

No, we’ve already been through this. The faction balance as a whole is about even.

If people on alliance are interested in BGs, they will queue. If they aren’t they won’t. Exactly like it is on horde.

But, overall, it should be fine. 5-15 minute waits are probably going to be the most common wait time, and probably fairly quick on BG weekends.

Just because there’s a handful of servers that are PVP that are imbalanced, (which goes both ways fyi) doesn’t mean ALL the alliance have quit, or quit in droves. I fully expect to see damn near instant queues over the next few weeks while people start the slog.

TL;DR - 1/10 troll.

No, they won’t be at least at first. Plenty of us will be queue up to finally get a fair fight and lick their tears when they start crying about paladins just like in 2005.

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I wonder what alliancebabs will cling to next when the BG queue times for horde aren’t nearly as bad as they kept hyping them up to be

worry less about the horde not getting in and more about those that are.
Time for the Alliance to put up or shut up.

Hmm, I don’t think that’s exactly who’s been forced to reroll or quit.

Top end Alliance PvPers have been honing their skills for the last month slaughtering raids of 3x their numbers. I wouldn’t be surprised if Alliance from Skeram or Herod shoot to the top, at least till their counterparts get back in practice.

We currently have 11 PVE realms, and 29 PvP realms.

Horde dominate most PvP realms, and Alliance most PvE.

Plus, people on PvP realms are more likely to queue for PvP, than PvE players.

If you think Alliance and Horde queues are going to be the same, you haven’t been paying attention.

Exactly. here in about 12 hours, there are gonna be posts and youtube videos about some new ( How its Unfair for alliance ) and a million excuses why alliance are getting shafted. Cant wait to see what excuses they come up with.

The Orc in the hoodie is right. OP is searching for schadenfreude but coming up empty.

Lol alliance don’t pvp though. There will be a lot of you guys still farming and pveing. Bg’s Didn’t stop wpvp then. They won’t stop it now.

-Undead Rogue

If I read OPs post with a crying voice, it gives it context.

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and flavor.

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We can only pray. I support your message. I hope the queue brings on the QQ. zug zug lol.