In 9.1.5, Protection Warriors have become the most underpowered tank. We can use a couple of buffs!

According to the data from Raider_io:

Unique class population (world)
All M+ levels +20 and up, timed % completed +20 in time
Druid 162942 13211 8.11%
Monk 77154 4787 6.20%
DH 140691 8109 5.76%
Paladin 165261 9008 5.45%
DK 89617 4272 4.77%
Warrior 91839 3043 3.31%
% Distribution of tank classes (world)
M+20 and up
Druid 31.1%
Paladin 21.2%
DH 19.1%
Monk 11.3%
DK 10.1%
Warrior 7.2%

According to Icy Veins’ Mythic+ Tank Rankings:

  1. Guardian Druid
  2. Protection Paladin
  3. Vengeance Demon Hunter
  4. Blood Death Knight
  5. Brewmaster Monk
  6. Protection Warrior

Moral of the story here is that the closer I look, the more I find Prot Warriors so underpowered. Doing a +17 with a Prot Warrior feels as difficult as doing a +19 or even +20 with those “meta” tank classes. Can we receive a couple of buffs, to make us suffer less in the current Shadowland meta, please?? :worried:

The tanks are all actually the closest they have ever been right now.

Tanks are also always needed.

not sure why you are QQing over representation. Warriors are doing 28 keys. Lil more dps would be nice.

Yes. Revenge can use a bit more damage. Thunder Clap can use a lot more damage.

We are already a low-utility class. We don’t have ranged brez, no mob displacement, and no ranged or group interrupt. And Battle Shout only scales well with physical classes.

Many popular anima powers of Torghast also provide great ideas to buff:

Fan of Longswords
Shield Slam also casts Whirlwind.

Zovaal’s Warbanner
The duration of Avatar is increased by 60%.

Smoldering Inertia
Charge and Heroic Leap increase your damage done by 100% for 6 sec.