Impressionable Gorger Spawn drop - Prerequisite found?

Hey, so I’m not sure if this is the right place for this but I’m almost certain I’ve confirmed there is a prerequisite requirement for the “Impressionable Gorger Spawn” to drop from the Worldedge Gorger.

I believe the prerequisite requirement is to complete the quest “The Endmire” in Revendreth. Although I can’t confirm with 100% certainty, all of the following points combined lead me to believe this to be the case:

  • Before today I had put in over 500 attempts at this drop with 15 characters a day. I can’t even count the number of people I saw get it within a few tries.
  • After seeing the comment yesterday by [Karikiomy] asking for confirmation on this, I did the quest on my first 5 characters, killed the rare, and got the drop. Possibly a statistical anomaly, but the odds of that happening are 1%
  • There are a number of Wowhead comments where people say they’re over 1000 or 1500 tries, yet the majority of people who got it got it within just a few tries. Even one person said 3/4 people in their group got it. There are very few people in the middle who got it after say 75-250 tries, which is what I would expect from a 1% drop. Statistically it doesn’t make sense compared to what I’ve read for every other rare drop mount. See stats below.

Chance of not getting mount after X kills assuming 1% rate (0.99^X):
500 = 0.66%
1000 = 0.004%
1500 = 0.00003%

Btw the 6% drop rate on wowhead is wrong. I think it’s data from the beginning of the xpac because it hasn’t changed since then. Likely all of the people who did most of the quests and then were killing rares caused the rate to be high. After the initial rush, the mount farmers came in with fresh threads of fate alts who were just killing it for the drop chance (without having done that quest) and then were wondering why the drop rate says 6% when they had put ridiculous amounts of attempts in with nothing to show for it.

I’m linking this thread in the Wowhead comments and I’d love to get confirmation from others who have been farming this unsuccessfully since release.



Someone in one of my groups did this today after 1300 kills and got it next attempt after reading your comment and doing this quest. I did the same thing and got it next attempt as well.

However, I brought someone in my group over to this quest and they had already done the quest and has yet to receive the gorger spawn after many attempts. You’re definitely onto something here in my opinion, but maybe there’s another pre-req we had that we’re not aware of yet?

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I have been farming for this pretty regularly since the beginning of the expansion with no luck. I came across this post today, did that quest, then got the Impressionable Gorger Spawn drop the first try after. Thank you so much for posting this!!!

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