Impossible To Fill Crafting Orders The Failure of the System

Most people do any public orders they can see because its a chance to proc resourcefulness and score some free mats. It leaves those trying to skill up in the dust.

I happen to have a similar theory that almost the whole of the PvE game is nothing more than strung out busywork meant to cover for the fact that they long-ago converted the core game to e-sports. That PvE players are there to provide a stream of things that the “athletes” need but take too much time away from the pseudo-celebrity they’re trying to drive with the “sport”.

Why have anything in the CO system except the items meant to be recrafted, upgraded, etc.?

The AH is a much better deal for everyone involved for everything else.


that is ridiculous - blizzard cannot make a game for people who can’t keep things in perspective when they make a mistake.

mostly not - beta was a mass of bugs and you never knew which was working right or not. in addition, the work orders came near the end and beta is just terrible for testing certain things that take a long time to earn.

yeah, I think that poster is wrong about that. People have been wanting a more robust crafting system for awhile.

Well… yeah. That much is obvious.

All of my alts are in guilds. They all have an abundant supply of leather armor kits for their legs and leather profession item. All done through crafting orders.

I realize that I am not going to be on the leading edge of any profession and primarily use them among my alts to supply my own characters. I am not using crafting orders in any other way. Plus with guild crafting orders, I don’t have to worry about supplying any reagents.

I am sorry if you’re trying to make profits off professions and fall behind the curve though. That will be rough for anyone.

Well blizzard has commented and again admitted that there is a massive shortage of public work orders Are the devs sure that the crafting order system is a success? - #27 by Drough-11150

They also say that they want a better way to connect crafters and custormers than trade chat spam.

Overall the wins of the system are minimal and the admitted flaws are serious so for me this is an acknowledgement that much more work is needed and planned.

This is classic marketing communication with good stuff on the outside to make it look good and the stinky stuff on the inside when you look closely.


  • Public work orders are rare because of demand issues and anything posted being snapped up. they want to find ways to increase the number of orders in the system.
  • They want a better way to market wares than trade chat spam as the current model is as they say “Very much not perfect”
  • Use of artisans mettle is not working as they want. They hope that as the game matures more crafters will use it to increase craft quality but they know they need to improve this.

The TLDR of Blizzard’s post is that things are generally working as intended and the system is fulfilling its purpose.

People should go read it for themselves and see.

I stopped reading here.

I started 2 weeks into Dragonflight and had to borrow a couple hundred gold from a friend just to be able to afford buying food/water for this character. I play on a “full” status server and I am one of the only people who (from what I have seen, and I am in trade chat all day) who can cut tier 3 illimited diamonds, and I have made quite a bit of money. I didn’t start with millions and I didn’t have anyone or any group to help me powerlevel my profession, and I don’t have the lariat pattern or anything like that which people have made tons of gold on. I hyper specialized which appears to be what you need to do to make the best stuff, and advertised it. Literally anyone can do what I did.

I will agree the system is flawed in many ways, but this issue which was the first thing you pointed out, has literally nothing to do with the system.

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Hopefully one of the alluded to improvements in communication between crafter and customer will be some way of bypassing the faction barrier as removing that will do wonders to help small servers and minority factions on large servers.

As far as the public order system goes, it seems to be working well as an easy way to get something crafted for yourself if you aren’t worried about getting the best quality and want it quickly. This was always its intent.

This is from the Blue post, and this is a flawed presumption. Folks aren’t using the Public CO as much as Blizzard would like, and it’s because most everyone does care about getting the best quality. No one is interested in wasting hard-to-get mats on the WoW rng.

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I’ve placed a few crafting orders mainly for profession equipment and they were filled within hours for next to no commission at all. So it might not be working for you but it’s working for me.
Try advertising the recipe’s that you do have.

No one is talking about placing orders. I did this too. We are talking about not having orders to fill therefor you can’t even max your profession (which should be very simple).

So you are hard stuck and can’t progress in a game based on progression. It feels extremely bad. Furthermore the systems in place are so restrictive that if you make a mistake you should just quit the game.

This is just unhealthy for the game and it’s players.

Blizzard just made a post about this.

There are definitely orders to fill. They just get snapped up quickly by everyone rushing to level their professions. The rarer recipes, or ones that require maxed specialization can last a couple of minutes.

Then there is also the matter that the sparks have rolled out slowly. So if you are looking on an off-spark week, it is very possible the orders will be few and far between (you are looking at alts only at that point).

As more players cap their professions, you will see even more. I don’t even bother with those 100g commission orders on my capped toons. I don’t spend hours farming KP/weekies so that I can earn 100g.

There are definitely orders to be fulfilled though.

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I have 100/100 jewelcrafter and it doesnt really make a difference, you’re either way over cap or not even close to skill cap on recipes. Next patch they’re reducing the requirements to open the last tree from 100 to 75 so your whole complaint is really already taken care of.
If i’m 100/100 then so could you.

I don’t use it because I don’t know what people can even craft or what mats I need. I should be able to browse through what can be crafted, what mats it need, or an option to pay for the mats if I don’t have them through the AH in the same interface. Or, allow crafters to post things and then set a price if they use their own mats.

The interface is useless in game. You have to go to outside sources to try to find lists. Adding to the mess is higher quality versions. I think most people don’t engage with it because it doesn’t provide any information. You can’t just browse like you can on the AH. I’d rather just buy the finished product from there.

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If this is true and it begins impacting what I consider fun in the game then I am sure many who think like me will redirect their game monies to other titles.

I have little to no interest in M+ and end-tier raids/dungeons.

You can already do this with the crafting order interface.

I’ve said since week 1, there needs to be a weekly quest to fulfill an NPC work order and it just puts 3 varying difficulty recipes up there for you, you choose which 1 to do.
It helps people catch-up, it keeps people interested in the work orders, and it alleviates YOUR problem, which is a very common problem for a lot of professions.

AN OPPORTUNITY for Thomas Bright to do more than AFK Give you Mettle. Lol.
Maybe he puts the work orders in.

Also recrafting an ‘orange’ recipe should give skill, even just 1 skill-up. Sorry not sorry.

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I think having NPC’s wade into work orders is a silly idea. We already have the quests where NPC’s want finished goods, just get rid of the stupid “do work orders” weekly (which is pointless since people just send orders to themselves) and bump the existing quests by +1 knowledge point and some rep to compensate.

There are already dumb people playing this game who think the Auction House is stocked by NPC’s. The last thing we need is people thinking work orders come from and are fulfilled by NPC’s, too.

Something I think would really help, is if Primal Focus were account bound, instead of soulbound.

I dont need the hundreds of focus on my main; but my alts could definitely use them to craft. Instead, I’m gonna grind my alt up until they probably dont need to waste gold on crafts, either, before I get enough focus to use.

Just make them account wide and more people would be crafting.