Impossible battle to win

Have you tried taking a look at Xu-Fu’s for ideas? Looks like there are 4 strats listed atm.


That Whirlpool X ability is obviously not working the way it’s intended, tooltip and where whirlpools form shows it should hit main and backline pets one time each. Instead it hits main 3 times.

The Unborn Val’kyr and Ikky strategy makes this a piece of cake. I’m sure there are others for players without the Val’kyr.

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It hasn’t worked since Nazjatar in BfA. Reported it then and when 10.0.7 was on the PTR.

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Idk what I remembered using but it’s definitely not impossible to win. Not even close.

Here’s the team I used to win:
Unborn Val’kyr: curse of doom, haunt
Infected Squirrel: rabid strike, stampede
Ghastly Rat: ghostly bite

Then Enok died instantly from accumulative damage.

Use the first ability before haunt and it will die the same time ikky does.

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I’m also having issues with this fight. Not the only one either. I really loved the idea of pet battles when I came back in DF. I’ve collected and leveled soooo many pets and it just isn’t enough even still.

It seems like pet battles are less “for fun” and more of a “do it exactly my way or suffer” sort of side gig. Frankly, I don’t have fun when I play against other players who pay to win with special pets, that’s just complete favoritism on Blizz’s part. I also don’t have fun when I go into a fight with three very strong pets, and still can’t defeat 1 legendary pet because it’s capable of 1 shotting everything in just a few rounds.

Kind of at the point where I’m asking myself, why am I wasting my time with this broken system…

This fight uses the most common combo to win: Unborn Val’kyr + Ikky

If you don’t have those pets, anything with Undead DoTs/Curse of Doom combined with anything that mitigates the boss buff like Flock, Stampede, Rabid Strike, Acidic Goo, and so on will likely win you the fight.

I’m not trying to dunk on your collection, but it doesn’t appear very filled out–even with the recommended top ten or so pets that most people have in their roster.

This system is like any system, you have to spend time with it to understand how things work. I don’t walk into a pvp arena and say the system is broken just because I don’t know how it works. As much as people like to compare it to pokemon, it’s a little more nuanced than that.

Based on your roster, here’s what I’d do for Enok, and I even tested it myself:
Eye of Corruption (x,x,1)
Storm-Touched Stomper (x,x,2)
Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (2,2,1)

Turn 1: Curse of Doom
Turn 2: Swap to your Storm-Touched Stomper
Turn 3: Stampede
Bring in your Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
Turn 4: Flyby
Turn 5: Thunderbolt
Turn 6: Explode


And it is STILL broken.

Thanks for the strat… doesn’t change the fact that this fight is broken and Blizz should fix it. And should have fixed it some time ago.

It’s still a broken fight, though.

I’m not sure I understand. It’s definitely winnable, but that still means it’s broken?

As for Whirlpool X, that has been broken since Nazjatar, but its current incarnation is far easier to work around than Whirlpool X hitting each pet…

Alliance can go to Crazy Cat Lady’s hut little way out of Stormwind and buy three lvl 1 uncommon Cornish Rex Cats. Will cost you less than 2g for the 3. They beat Enok easily. Cat lady’s other 3 cats might work but it’s the Cornish that hits hardest.


I just tested it and it’s definitely winnable.

I used the first strategy listed on Xu-Fu:

Unborn Val’kyr - 2/2/1
Ikky - 1/1/1
Any Random level 25 pet

Turn 1 - Curse of Doom
Turn 2 - Shadow Slash
Turn 3 - Haunt
Bring in Ikky
Turn 4 - Black Claw
Turn 5+ - Flock
Enok dies

You don’t even need the 3rd pet.


Tried this, dragon died instantly. Stampede is weak against him, and he’s still full health. I was really hoping this would work out for me…since I don’t have Unborn Val’kyr and EVERY SINGLE STRATEGY vampires off that damn pet.

If you wish to tame one, I have it in my sights on an alt. Just message me via Battletag:


Gráinne set me straight in an earlier forum post. Finding an Unborn Val’kyr is no longer a fly all over everywhere and pray kind of grind. There are 3 spawn points in Northrend’s Grizzly Hills and sounds like there seems to always be a Val’kyr at one of them.

One warning, that I finally figured out, they don’t always show up on minimap, you need to look around.

How to Fix Pet Battling in One Fell Swoop - Gameplay / Pet Battles - World of Warcraft Forums (

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Yep that is set up I have been using for the whole year since Dragon Flight came out…think one of my set ups I use for another Battle Tamer in Dragon isles too…

Sorry for the late response. I wasn’t sure how to send a message without being friends first…so I just sent a friend request.

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Grizzly Hills happens to be where I found both of mine.