Immune player in deepwind gorge

I’ll talk to bf and get it uploaded to the you tubes. Id need a way to get you the link that isn’t these forums tho

Edit, bf lost video, sadge af.

Edit edit, we have the video and link.


Send it here

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Is the player STILL doing it? Bro like, hacks or bug abuse, it shouldn’t matter when it comes to the player DELIBERATELY giving himself an unfair advantage over everyone else and ruining their gameplay. The fact that he’s been at this for over 2 weeks now with no penalty regardless of all the reports that are piled up against him is preposterous.


iirc Blizzard investigates a player doing things like this for awhile to understand how the exploit is done before taking action in order to properly fix it.

I’ve seen the guy in battlegrounds and it’s not a buff or debuff that’s making him immune. It’s likely a hidden aura.

Yep, this is him

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Considering they no doubt have a wide arsenal of complaints against this guy, likely many with screenshot & video proof, it should not take them anymore than a few days. 3 tops. They have all the proof provided for them and likely have at least 5 representatives going through all of it and make an executive decision together.

If that really takes 2 weeks to penalize a hacker/bug abuser, there’s a problem.


I honestly believe it should be an exception when calling out hackers.


No, that’s what the e-mail is for. Report and let them sort it out.

things like this go unpunished but i tell players in a bg they’re terrible at pvp and get a 10 day silence lol.
do better blizz.


Well alrighty, Mace Windu. Follow those rules then.


If hes been reported, trust me they are watching him. Even if they know hes cheating and have seen it, they want to study how he does it so they can teach WARDEN how to detect it instantly.
They watchin him.

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Warden only detects hacks, not exploits. The guy isn’t hacking, otherwise he would’ve been banned instantly. I have an idea of what he’s doing but haven’t put it to the test yet.

But yes, you’re right. They most likely are watching him, but for the purpose of finding out how he’s doing said exploit to fix it.

why can warden find players who are attacking fron the airship in seething bore? its not lag or a visual bug. still just watching?

it absolutely is lag, on whoever’s being attackeds part. I’ve died to someone “on the ship” while the person i qued with can see them on the ground attacking me

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except the 2 people on the ground next to me are also seeing the same thing.

sounds like y’all need better internet.

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It is a bug. I don’t know what exactly causes it, but that BG is a buggy mess because of the fact the game is porting people to a constantly moving airship. The issue would be fixed if the airships weren’t moving and were stationary.

Again, Warden detects hacks, not exploits/bugs.

the issue would be fixed if seething shore wasn’t a bg.

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Seething Shore honestly just needs the Deepwind Gorge treatment and be redesigned. :dracthyr_shrug:

I personally think Temple of Kotmogu shouldn’t be a BG. It’s horrible.

You take that back, you light lovin scum. ToK is the second best bg design to date, and anyone who says otherwise is a dirty c%ster

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