Imagine this

So far the most liked post on the Community Council forums is the one by Bluster. It’s not even really close with the next closest 50 likes behind, and only two of the post are over 100 likes.


Because it’s more or less what we’ve all been saying.

Does it mean Bluster is truely going to communicate what we want? Who knows.

We can hope though.

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I just found it interesting that PvP that has the lowest participation rate, so far has the most interaction on the Council forums. They are also not done with council members from what I heard/read. They are doing it in waves. So we will have to see who else is added.

Yeah I mean idc. I have 0 hope in this company anymore. JUst 3 bad xpacs in a row, waiting for the next one to kill it off.

Maybe I’m wrong and the council does something useful, but I doubt it.

Yeah I also liked what Dragma was talking about on the blue post.

Ligma. Sugma perhaps? Bofa if you will. Sawcon, even

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Yeah I’ve heard of all those dudes except Sawcon, is he a new guy?

Sawcon these :peanuts: