I'm telling you 9.1 is August

August sure.

But of what year?

See now there’s a classic game that I can relate to. I spent an unhealthy amount of hours there

Ya Diablo 2 is nice and all I have it pre-ordered but… What about 9.1? Who cares if they overlap two releases? It’s better than having nothing to do on one game that gets neglected and we’re all just expected to play TBC Classic in the meantime

Alright I guess I’m eating my words here.

I was about to steak MVP on it too. Dodged that bullet.


I’m kinda surprised it wasn’t July, honestly.

Still good, patch seemed mostly done for awhile now, no idea what was taking so long.

Get wrecked OP :rofl:


only if op waited a day
this would been even more funny if op posted this 15 mins before the date was posted


You lied to us


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2 day away prediction.

They wanted to hit as deep as possible

We’ll see if there’s no delays so keep it posted

Swing and a miss.


This aged well.


Lmao yeah. Solid prediction. I too have the ESPN channel.

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It’s only a week and a half. I would be very surprised if they made this announcement and then proceeded to delay it.

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And yet…

Shadowlands: The Chains of Domination Content Update Goes Live June 29! - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

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Maybe they feel diablo 2 will sit well versus new world

Then why does the WoW official Twitter say June 29?

cuz asia gets maintenance days different that USA
USA is known as tuesdays, difference in china

Its actually a brilliant move so high in IQ it could have only come direct from $155m Bobby.

See they play to DESTROY New World. They know you all want to redo the launch grind, and badly, rather than play a fresh new game. So i am sure they will wait until that to drop this super exciting and insane content patch around new world launch. it makes so much sense.

This must be how it feels to time-travel!

So much POWAR!!