I'm so confused

Alright, so…

I am only interested in solo content. But after so many years in typical DPS classes, I wanted to try a priest. Shadow confuses the heck out of me, and I don’t understand the situational use of all the abilities. There are too many of them for me to make sense of. Discipline is less so, but doesn’t feel as strong to me. Holy makes complete sense, and feels great playing. But, I don’t heal.

I really wanted a cloth counterpart to play that could DPS and heal myself, rather than playing another Paladin. What is your advice?

What about shadow confuses you? At a very basic level its.

Keep swp and VT on at least your main target

Spend insanity on either devouring plague or searing nightmare

Cast mind blast and void bolt whenever they are available

Spend any spare time casting mind flay or mind sear depending on target numbers. Interrupting either for any more important spell.

What stuff is solo content? Old stuff? Quests? You don’t have to be very good to do either of those.

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you might have better luck with a lock or mage since priest has 2 healing specs. no offense

I got it figured out. Thanks.