I'm Really Hoping This Build Will Be Viable

It would let us stack crit and haste (without spreading our secondary stats over crit, haste, and mastery) and focus on keeping demonic uptime extended, lowering the eye beam cooldown, and creating synergy with blade dance and chaos strike. I don’t want to pick up momentum, and I’d prefer to keep fel rush and vengeful retreat as mobility spells, not dps or fury building abilities.

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Very unlikely that would be able to compete with a build that invests heavily to left or to right.

Conceptually we’re not expected nor intended to be able to spec once and do all content well.

I would utilize Tactical Retreat over Burning Hatred to better pair with Initiative. Being able to VR to reset first strike crit buff and get 80 fury is far superior than Burning Hatred. Its also viable for ST usage as well, not just AoE.

I’d also drop Shattered restoration, Vengeful Restraint and Sigil of Silence for Darkness and Darkness CDR and pick up Illidari Knowledge on Demon Hunter Tree.

For havoc Tree, I’d drop mortal dance (unless you’re doing pvp only) and pick up Chaotic Transformation.

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I was definitely considering Tactical Retreat as one of the talents I pick up, and it’s still not off the table for my wish list build, but I’m hoping to steer away from using vengeful retreat and fel rush as fury builders or dps abilities. Buring Hatred would let me sit on my targets without putting myself out of position, while I can focus on blade dance and chaos strikes.

Shattered restoration, vengeful restraint, and sigil of silence would be mostly for WPvP and random BGs to give me more self survivability, especially since I’m hoping utilize demonic appetite and increased soul fragment consumption. But overall, Darkness and Illidari Knowledge would make more sense for raids and mythic+.

This is definitely for a PvP minded playstyle. I’ll probably spec out of it, for raids and mythic+, but for random stuff, I would be a must have for me.

I can understand that, but VR can be paired with Fel Blade if timed right and leave fel rush for movement. VR granting 80 fury over 30 from Hatred is superior in that, but pair the fury with the resetting of First Strike is a rather large bonus to offset the not wanting to use it for said purposes. It is basically a wasted talent point option to take initiative without it in my opinion, but the pathing can still change so time will tell.

I’m also wondering how Looks Can Kill will play out. Assuming we’re going to want to stack crit, at some point we may even have 35-45% crit (i remember in Legion i had around 50% crit by the end of the expansion). If that’s the case, Looks Can Kill will become increasingly redundant based on how much crit we are stacking. If the talent ends up being kind of meh, that will probably be one of the first talents i pull from to free up points to spend in both Tactical Retreat and Burning Hatred.

100% crit is a recipe for poor stat scaling and the ability being tuned to deal 50% damage.

It shouldn’t have been 100% in the first place, and I’d like LCK and the 100% crit property to be removed.

Meta’s haste buff is also at risk of bad scaling because meta + hateful gaze + bloodlust can get to around 65% haste, which is why our haste caps around 30-35%. (gcd hard cap of 0.75s is at 100% haste)

It also supercharges rppm trinkets and effects, so we become super dependent on good trinkets, which causes a reactive tuning nerf on our base kit.

why not take EssB instead of Shattered Destiny? I bet there will be a lot of builds that sim higher w/o any of the three end talents :crazy_face:

EssB is already being changed into an end talent now as of latest update.

where did you hear this?!


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now if they’d only make burning wound proc off throw glaive so we’re not a tab-dot class then the trees would be JUST FINE! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is EssB Essence Break?

Also, i was really excited to see Soulrend look a lot like Bloodlet, as a way to spread dots on targets, but it’s too far to the right to be able for me to pick up without sacrificing Cycle of Hatred. I kind of wish Burning wounds swapped places with Soulrend. That makes more sense to me, since Burning Wounds would have awesome synergy with Ragefire.

Given the Talents now, upkeep on demonic form should be easy enough to negate taking Shattered Destiny and use that in something else such as EB.

You can though…

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That looks like a good build, but it seems the talent tree is already getting reworked. Before i get my hopes up, i think im going to wait and see how things play out in the following weeks.

Yeah, there has been movement on talents, so now we have to take another look at pathing.

My wish list build would center around taking most if not all of the blade dance talents, eye beam modifiers for extended use and improving its cool down, and a sprinkle of glaive toss and immolation aura talents. I’m hopeful to be able to pick up soulrend, without sacrificing taking cycle of hatred, blind fury, and shattered destiny.

I’m hoping to avoid essence break, glaive tempest, and any movement talents that modify damage or fury building - like momentum, fel barrage, tactical retreat, unbound chaos.