I'm investigating a murder

I returned after 8 months of not playing and - to my horror - I’ve found that Shadow Priests have been viciously murdered. While life wasn’t amazing on Razageth - My. God. What I returned to was perhaps the most vicious brutal murder of a spec I’ve ever seen.

I’m investigating a murder at this point.

1.) Did you know and/or play the victim?
2.) Do you know if the victim had any enemies on the Blizz Development Staff?
3.) Was there any circumstance that could have led to this brutal murder? Did we make sure that every Developer with clout at Blizzard got Power Infusion during 10.1?
4.) Do you have any information that may help in this investigation.

I’m encouraging anyone who may know who’s responsible to come forward and testify. Shadow may not have always been the best of friend, best of fathers or best of lovers… but by God, they deserve justice for the crime that was committed upon them.


Refreshing wowhead Monday night to see what the usual week 1 balance changes were gonna be…

…was like the time I was 6 and found out Santa wasn’t real

Not to mention I hope you enjoy playing mindbender.

Sad but true , after the “rework” I finally abandoned my spriest somewhere in Elwin forest. Haven’t heard from her since.

Shadow was really strong in s2, especially m+. We had solid damage and absolutely bonkers utility due to the dungeon and affix design. We also synergized very well with augvoker.

We probably deserved some kind of nerf, but I wish Blizzard would adopt a different tuning philosophy. With all the data they have available to them it seems like they should be able to tune everything to be within a relatively narrow band. There will still be meta picks and a “best” dps, but it should be a few percent swing, not the massive upheaval they throw at us.

Its hard not to be cynical when they do these big swings. I can’t help but think that now that alts are a little easier to gear this is intentional to not only “keep the meta fresh” but keep people subbed and active during downtime…it is just kind of a pain if you just want to play your main for whatever reason.

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I was enjoying (But not performing) in keys prior to getting 4 set but the playstyle shift is dreadful. The old gameplay yields no results at all without set so you’re kinda forced to play bender stuff to even make use of the 10.2 tier…

4p is fun and I always preferred 1min bursty shadow than having to rely on having vf to deal actual damage

The issue rlly is just the abhorrent damage output

Priest exists as Mages whipping boy. It used to be Warlocks, but Warlocks got smart and told the Mages they’d take their Verdant Spheres if they didn’t knock it off. Then both saw Priest locked in Shadowform and laughed. Even I got a chuckle when I realized Rita was a lowly Priest. Then I sealed her in a Space Dumpster.

And so it has been since. Your only hope is to accept this reality and reroll as a Mage. Just… one word of caution.
Be careful with Arcane Magic and Time Warps. Too much Pink Energy is dangerous.

Have you tried it in M+ / raids or are you speaking purely PvP?

M+ and raid only

Yeah this is the problem.

I feel like we had a decently fun playstyle for once, and then Blizzard went said “but nobody’s using THESE talents!” and made a tier set so synergistic to them you can’t ignore them. But that playstyle kinda sucks and feels totally different to what we were playing last season because of how intrusive SW:D is to the rotation.

I don’t care that much about playing an underpowered spec (I’ve been playing the priest specs in M+ for a long time, I’m used to it). But man do I not like the bender/SW:D proc playstyle for shadow. I’m not even a major fan of it on Disc, and it feels way better there.

It’s not just that. It’s that without the old set bonus the ghost talents are unbelievably undertuned. They’re like fractions of a percentage each.

Bliz needs to rework the entire middle bottom section of the tree, including removing the non linear scaling from Tormented Spirits (Which I think is the thing they’re so afraid of).

Oh I agree that spirits are undertuned, too.

But numbers problems are numbers problems. They could be fixed in a day if Blizzard felt like it.

I just really hate playing around IE/SW:D in a DPS rotation. I’m more focused on the feel of it.

Yeah but if the core AoE shadow had was competent and well tuned you could generally ignore having to play around SFP. The problem is that nothing feels consequential, which means in reality everything is (It just all sucks), this means caring about SFP in AoE becomes a thing we have to do.