I'm disappointed in Shadowlands delay

Thank you for your opinion but no

I am sorry to hear that. Never get that distressed about a game, mate. Not worth it, seriously.

I wish I could give you my beta because I’ve hardly touched it. Blizzard probably won’t give me another one but I decided not to play much for a number of reasons. And I understand how frustrating it is for you to have your leave time wrecked. Blizzard made some very bad decisions this year and should have warned people much earlier than they did. And if they have apologised for the grief they caused, I haven’t seen it.

Take it easy and I really hope you enjoy it when it does come out. Just try and relax and enjoy your life outside the game when you can.


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“I made horrible decisions based on a game that likely wouldn’t have been playable for the first day or two, like every other expansion, and now I am suffering from mental anguish because of my poor decision making skills.”

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No! The original release date should have been on August as scheduled in every expansion blizzard sells but was pushed back due to Covid. The October was the official release date but the push wasn’t because of Covid at all. It’s another strategy of theirs to show a finger to their consumers…

Deal with it.

You are missing nothing.

The delay wasn’t to give in to people whining at them. It was to get the expansion in a playable state.

What is the point of this thread? We all have to wait. Patience is a virtue.

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Bullcrap, more like they screwed it and have no IDEA HOW TO FIX IT. Plus I bet they DON’T HAVE THE SUBS TO START IT EITHER. Lag dc’ing they blame DDOS now Covid what a crock of crap sorry.

Tbh I think covid didnt had much to do with it , this expansion was rushed and was gonna be one the fastest released expansion in the game history and it was gonna be bad , its why I heard that many were happy to hear about the delay and about blizz potentially working more on the expansion and tbh good for blizz and us , after the disaster of bfa they couldnt afford to release a rushed mess tbh

Idk if blizz used covid as an excuse tho and I would be kinda ashame for them if they did , they messed up by wanting to rush it , there is no shame in acknowledging that they messed up , but there is shame in using a thrid party issue as an excuse because they are too prideful to admit their mistake

Patience young grasshoppa’!

If it is any consolation to you, I am on the same boat. Covid wrecked my life (losing work etc.) and I became very depressed. Have been recovering lately and figured I might as well take advantage of pandemic and just rest up. So I went and subbed during the pre patch not knowing that release has been delayed. Now game will prolly be released when i am also back at work lol.

EDit: hopefully they suddenly released it mid november latest haha

I get the frustration. But believe me, you would’ve been a lot more upset if the game came out, bugs all over, broken systems, the works… No one wants this expansion out sooner than Blizzard (I don’t think a lot of people understand the pressures the devs are under the last few months leading up to a release of a game of this size). But they know if it’s a buggy, crappy product and you’ve wasted all that hard-earned money on it, then it’s worse both for them and you. Lose/lose.

Thank you for your service. Hang in there. It’ll be out soon. In a few months ‘No one will remember if the game was late, only if it is great.’

This is coming from someone from an era where you only have one shot at release and no chance to patch the game afterwards. A game can eventually be good after its release now. Just look at legion (apparently) :smiley:

Also, there are differing perspectives. It’s easy for those that can try out the new things in beta to say delay the game. Their curiosity is sated. So like those in beta claim that my opinion on matters of the game in beta apparently doesn’t matter because I have don’t have access, the opinion those beta players on the release delay being upsetting doesn’t matter though the same logic. You have it, so you don’t know what it’s like not having it. It’s a terrible feeling being told that your point of view/opinion doesn’t matter no matter how valid it might be.

Im hoping it comes out 2021 with all the patch bugs still.

If it makes you feel better, the delay is due to the beta community being extremely unhappy with how SL looks, and the devs have taken this seriously and are trying their best to give us a better product, let’s us know there still a glimmer of what made blizzard special a decade and a half ago.

BC released 1-16-2007

Wrath released 11-13-2008

Cata released 12-07-2010

MoP released 9-25-2012

WoD released 11-13-2014

The only expansions to have an August release date, or anything close to it, were literally the last two expansions. Nice try but you just showed your laughable ignorance there.

If you actually had Beta, you’d have seen the unplayable mess that it was. Blizzard can’t deal with another awful launch like they had in the last THREE expansions. They literally would not recover, especially with how much talent and subs they’ve lost during that time. Your opinion absolutely doesn’t matter if you haven’t actually dealt with the issues and try to speak on matters you have zero clue about.

I hope this is the case. We’ll see at release then whether this is what they are doing or they just had a moment of realization that they couldn’t make the date they ambitiously set.

That’s nice :slight_smile: None of what you just said matters though. :man_shrugging:

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I get it, you are an entitled child who thinks that Blizzard should listen to people who haven’t a single clue what they are talking about regarding changes being made, or the state of the game, because they don’t have access to Alpha/Beta. You likely also think that everyone should have access to Beta despite you clearly not being able to understand what Beta’s purpose actually is.

I see giveaways for it all the time. Isn’t it just a reward/early access? :thinking:

Edit: Also,


adjective: entitled

  1. believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.


Yeah I feel ya man… WoW is an excellent game for escapism, when life starts becoming burdensome it’s nice to take a break in Azeroth where our worldly importance’s fade away.

I don’t know what you’re into but you can get the Xbox game pass for PC for a month for $1 atm and there’s a lot of great games from many different genres to play on there, maybe you could look into that on your days off. That’s all I’ve been doing while we wait for the expac to drop and it’s been a great and cheap way to keep myself busy.

I know it’s not Shadowlands but you might find something to your liking on there :slight_smile: