I'm convinced the "no world buffs" crowd literally never played this game

It’s pretty much true that the people talking about how great SOM is going to be dont’ even play the game. Most of them have a very limited understanding of the game as well.

SOM is going to be a big flop and fail to draw in a stable audience.

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Disagree. They sent the survey out to enough of the player base, AND, they stated they did not like the behavior of wBuffs causing the community to …log off. When is logging off the best strategy for the game and players?

Raid logging is not good for the community. Chronoboon is a band aid on an infected wound. Thankfully blizzard just did surgery on that infection, and cut world buffs out of the raiding scene! :heart_eyes:


“The issue with world buffs was that no one would play after they got them. it took time in your day before raid to get them or it cost gold to get them. people wanna be able to just pick up and play no strings attached.”

Just level another character to 60 and problem solved, Next.

Unreasonable request. We shouldn’t have to level again because you want cheat codes for easy raiding.

Dumb thread, adding OP to ignore and muting.

double confirmation you’ve lost. bye bye world buffs!

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Guess OP won’t be playing SoM.
And nothing was lost. See ya.


…should read I’m convinced the “pro world buffs” crowd literally will never play SoM. :rofl:

World buffs on their own are just fine.

The way the meta sheep use them had to go. I think getting rid of them was the right move.


Or maybe they want to play a class that isn’t warrior and rogue. You know, the classes that benefit MASSIVELY from world buffs.

Or nah, maybe it is just “guy who doesn’t agree with me has no idea what he is talking about.”

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Maybe you should stick to non-forum conversations if you want to hear only affirmation. See everyone can gatekeep with the right perspective.

Your basically the same person who said “go back retail” when someone said they didn’t want world buffs.

Blizzard just confirmed WBs are not coming back. Bye WB Andys, see ya.


I said dying, not dead. And the stats show it. I’ll why you would even try to argue the point.

World buffs would be ok if server sizes were like they were in 2004-2006… back then wbuffs were harder to get and didn’t pop off all the time, less raiders. With the bigger servers sizes it became a requirement to get them since they were so frequent.

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no bud, the thing is private server toxic meta was in full swing behind the scenes before classic re-launched. Private servers were smaller, took coordination, and did them every time w/o fail.

dying, dead, w/e. But clearly you want to use certain words to justify a certain appearance. Do I think retail is dying? Yes, but you think it closer to death, unlike me.

Man, no WB’s means I’ll have to resub lol.

Imagine playing a game where we might need to worry about game mechanics and fury warriors aren’t our gods.

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exactly. think of how many boss mechanics we just didn’t see because they died in under 60 seconds.

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Enough of the player base? You got any proof?

You don’t launch a product without making informed decisions. Blizzard got 2 years of “we hate wBuffs” on the forums, and sent out surveys.

You really think that blizzard got it wrong and the vast majority of players want wBuff meta? don’t be daft.

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