I'm a Worgen. Can we please get some tail customization options?


Look at me. I wasn’t cursed with a wolf form. If I had a wolf form, of course, I would be happy with a tail, heck I would be happy having a second form. My shaman friend turns into a wolf and I envy her the beauty and power of it.

But I don’t turn into a wolf, I turn into a nightmare and don’t need any more non-human parts reinforcing the non-humanness of it.


Ideally, worgen should have more customizable choice options as much as other races in the game.

There are many types of customization that worgen should have had access to during the cataclysm, such as hairstyle, eye color, fur color, and others, which were discarded due to lack of time to be implemented satisfactorily, not to mention the worst model ever made and kept unchanged for 10 years, before a well-deserved rework.

If someone wants a more wolfish look, she should be able to choose between having a tail or keeping her monkey butt.

After all this is a fantasy game.

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I’m finding it very disheartening that Worgen customization posts pop up often, but no one has created a proper customization thread. OP, if you can see this, update your title so that we can keep it going.

Anyway, I’ve posted this request in a different thread, but I’m reposting for visibility and support. My racial customization requests:


  • All-Black Fur Option
  • Tails and tail customization
  • more scars and battle damage customization options
  • Transmog option for open hand (open claw) attacks in lieu of 1-H weapons (makes them more Werewolf-ish), like Duskwood Worgen attacks.
  • An actual /howl emote
  • more ‘wolf’ druid form options: True Werewolf form for “bear”; American Werewolf in London style for “cat”; lithe, almost ghost wolf form for travel.

Use this pic below for comparison, basically the ‘cosmetic’ human form, standard Worgen form (albeit missing the snout), ‘bear’ form, ‘cat’ form, travel form.


Don’t say that. I want a tail too. I never had much motivation to play this Alliance race but the tail would change a lot.


Hello I think you may have missed or skipped over my post. There is in fact a proper customization thread. Its right here ----> Give Worgen Tails - #7541 by Thirra-steamwheedle-cartel <----- its the biggest posts about the worgen. it has over 7000 posts. So everyone go there and please support it.
#Give worgen tails


Did you miss these two posts?


Agree with everything you said except the height part. That one I’m on the fence about. Yes, taller would be nice, but I already have issues with some doors, especially in SW, so not really sure extra height would be useful.

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this is what the players want, so blizzard will never add it.


sure, why not? i mean, you guys got enough art with tails, i don’t see why you can’t have one in-game.

an easier sleep, since a fluffy tail makes a nice pillow! :smiley:

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Hi you two. To answer both your questions: YES I missed both of these threads.

One title simply mentions tails from April '20, and the other is talking about how underwhelming Worgen customization is for Shadowlands (which I definitely agree with), but it was created in Sept. of '20.

I mention their creation dates, because I was about to create a new thread of my own today. However, it tells you when similar threads exist. I realize now that the forum bot only tells you when similar threads were created, and not when the last comment was made. From my perspective, I didn’t want to necro threads.

I only made my post in this thread, because it was new(ish) and I didn’t want to flood the forum with new topics if I can help it. Worse yet, even this thread only mentions tail customizations in the subject!

The subject title is what grabs people. If, as you say, a proper customization thread exists, cool, I’m down with that.

That having been said, could someone modify the title of their thread to simply say “Worgen Customization Mega Thread”? Maybe announce the name change in your thread, and consolidate it all into one? I’m just saying, be more uniform and direct so that it stands out, to other forum readers and devs included. ESPECIALLY now that forum requests are being heard again.

(Also, I mean no offense to either of you, nor am I trying to take a tone when I type.)

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No, the fight for pandaren tails will never be great until our brothers can have long tails too. :frowning:


Acceptable disagreement. Although when I refer to height as stated in lore, 8 feet, I expect at least something to be close to tauren height but we can keep the current height.

An old illustration by worgen, associated with the 2004 book Lands of Conflict. RPG non canon.

h ttps://static.wikia.nocookie.net/wowpedia/images/b/b6/Lands_of_Conflict_Worgen.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20181110122853

Again, we can see the concept of a worgen with a tail.
And it makes the worgen look much better.

Give Worgen Tails. :wolf:

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Im really surprised they dont let you post images at this point. I will put my 2 cents in and say that art looks… well bad. Yes it has 5 fingers and a tail but the rest of it just looks like it hardly matches anything that should resemble a creature that could live in the world. Why old Worgen images and the female old model used to have a snake like jaw is one of the worst parts for me. But its old art so here you go Grayphus.

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Furries, not even once.
m-muh tails!!!

Worgens look better without it.

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Worgen deserve long bushy tails.


Yes, add tails, WE already have fox people with tails. Let’s be fair and give to all cannines tails


Give Worgen tails please. Ty. :slightly_smiling_face:


Support for the puppers, hope you get your tails.


So what about adding an optional tail to a werewolf makes it a furry? I would love to know your mindset and where you come up with that.

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h ttps://thumbs.worthpoint.com/zoom/images1/1/0216/12/rackham-confrontation-wolfen-yllia_1_2fdfbf0ad7ec32e69018c84b016942d2.jpg

h ttps://thumbs.worthpoint.com/zoom/images1/1/0316/23/rackham-confrontation-wolfen-yllia_1_1ea473aca5f1982e8954f15a9274c24a.jpg

h ttps://thumbs.worthpoint.com/zoom/images1/1/1014/23/oop-rackham-confrontation-wolfen-worg_1_7e65091b97c5c10bfd25fb1bfe8662eb.jpg

h ttps://images.dakkadakka.com/s/i/gallery/img/2018/4/1/940614.jpg

Some images for reference and visualization.