I'm a Worgen. Can we please get some tail customization options?

I tried to create a Pandaren character, and their customization options are fantastic. The Pandaren can hide their tail as a “nub,” or have a long furry puffy tail.

Can you please looking into giving us Worgen a number of tail customization options also? I will be delighted. uwu


As a Worgen hater, I say, “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!”

Jokes, but yes, I would love to see the Worgen get tails and some tail customisations.


asking for tails… i don’t care either-way, but i agree, you guys should have the option. cause i mean… more options does’nt hurt anybody!


There is already a big page post about this over here. Give Worgen Tails


No, thank you. I get enough fur on my clothing as it is. And can you imagine the seamstress bill to put a back slit in every one of my robes? And, on that note, I certainly don’t want a hole in back of my robe. I was brought up better than that.

It is different for the Vulpera and Pandaren. They are what they are: cutey-pie animaloids.

I am not. I am a human cursed with a nightmare form and it is hard enough to get people to see thru that form to the human inside without having more parts reinforcing that form.

And yes, I am bitter and angry that my life was stolen from me along with my home and my family and I was left with… this.


And that is why people are asking for options. So you can remain tailless while others can enjoy adding one. Looking at the Saberon with their tails shows how much more balanced it makes the model look.


Tails may not be a big deal to uh…other people, but for furries they are very important.

You know…they add um…sexyness to their characters??? uwu??

Honestly I hope forums like this blow up especially with the annoucment they are giving natural hair to velfs. Its cool it just seems like they never cater to anyone else and I have never heard them give a good reason for it when people clearly want it. Lots of other races have tails so whats the problem


I’m more concerned about our helm mogs looking so awful 90% of the time

I’m also more concerned about darkflight being one of the worst racial cd’s in the game

But yes I agree, more customization is good


there isnt really good lore reasons to deny tail options. the world has so many forms of transformation magic, items, abilities that its not even a stretch to just talk to a barbershop worker and ask them to pin one on. they have far more drastic body altering procedures at their disposal. could even have it sold as a glyph or some other item that unlocks the option in game for ALL races. Worgen may want tails and be ready to drink questionable elixirs sitting in random dungeons but that doesn’t mean other races wouldn’t also grab a potion bottle if they knew it would work.

add tails give EVERYONE TAILS. and yes, that means multiple tail style options. a whole market could grow over night and thats no tall tale~

Vulpera with multiple tails Taurens Pandaren and Draenei too.


Making tails totally optional is fine, but I don’t want a tail on any of my worgens. There are already enough clipping problems in this game without tails sticking through the back of everything, and I just don’t like the way they look.

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I don’t play Worgens, and I totally support them getting tails - especially if we can /pull them. We can already /boop them.

Seriously, I believe that more customization options will make the game better even for races I don’t play.


I’m not a “furry” but the race is not really utilized and thought out enough. The Alliance needs every fantasy race they can get at this moment.


That’s very nice dear.

But plenty of Worgen Embrace the curse and consider it a blessing, and a small questline with the wolf god could easily allow those who want the option to have it, and those who don’t want it to not.


OP is 100% right, worgen should have tail options.

There is a TITANIC thread about this, as linked above. Join the discussion!

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If you cant /spit at people I doubt you will be /pull (ing) on anything.

i said this in another post before, i don’t need a tail but i still want one.

i want a tail and the option to get different hair styles for the tail, like a fancy tail with a bow.
i would love the option to have a tail and different hair style for the tail, i would also love this for Female Pandarens.

like i said i don’t need a tail, but i want to have the option because i want a tail.

i support this wish.


I find this mog looks really good for female worgen though never tried to find one for male ones.

To the OP there is already a mega thread on tails. Give Worgen Tails - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)


You can /pull on my tail all you want once I get it.

DISCLAIMER: Krystil is not responsible if you get /bite and given the Worgen curse as a result of /pull. Use at your own risk/digression. See your local priest before using /pull as it’s not intended for everyone.


Way to scare the kids.