I'm a Worgen. Can we please get some tail customization options?

i said this in another post before, i don’t need a tail but i still want one.

i want a tail and the option to get different hair styles for the tail, like a fancy tail with a bow.
i would love the option to have a tail and different hair style for the tail, i would also love this for Female Pandarens.

like i said i don’t need a tail, but i want to have the option because i want a tail.

i support this wish.


I find this mog looks really good for female worgen though never tried to find one for male ones.

To the OP there is already a mega thread on tails. Give Worgen Tails - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)


You can /pull on my tail all you want once I get it.

DISCLAIMER: Krystil is not responsible if you get /bite and given the Worgen curse as a result of /pull. Use at your own risk/digression. See your local priest before using /pull as it’s not intended for everyone.


Way to scare the kids.

<3 It’s ok we got used to being Worgen so can they.

Worgen needs more than tails to be up to par on customization levels. Tails however would be a huge win for us and a great start.

See below:


The Feral Worgen hunters probably hunt you down thinking your a Feral cause you bite people who want to /pet or /pull on your tail gently. Were supposed to be civilized Worgen now.

For me I don’t want a tail it will get in the way.

I’m glad /spit was removed. The last time I /booped a player, they /giggle’d.

I hope that if they add tails, and then add the /pull, it would be something fun.

On the other hand I can still /pet them. So there’s that at least.

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Worgen still lack some serious customization options compared to other races. Tails would be a pretty nice win. Make them optional. Then people who want them have them, people who don’t wont. win win win win.


^ is right.

Give worgen tail options.


Bump for Worgen tails!


Worgen got some of the weakest and fewest additions to their customization choices out of all the races that got new stuff. Did they even get a single new hair option? Lmfao. Tails are such an obvious and easy win for Blizzard, why don’t they just do it?


Worgen have hair options?

Furry Heretics!

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Their manes or whatever you want to call it. I don’t even think they got new beards.

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This is the same argument people are using for why Void Elves should get High Elf appearances.

If you want that deep void look, use it. If not, don’t.

I support the logic.

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I know that Blizzard doesn’t have unlimited man hours to create everything people want, but more customization is always good in my opinion. Especially at this point in the games’ age.


Go use the megathread.

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Give Worgen Tails
Give Wogem hairstyle
Give Worgen true black fur
Give Worgen lore heights