I'm a Chinese player,let me tell you why I play at US server

Chinese server is totally rotten,I don’t think US players can understand it.bots are everywhere,public channel full of all kinds ads,how Chinese server became a st hole??
it starts with gdkp,everything you can buy by real money,so mots of people start making money through the game.
I’m pretty sure 60% Chinese players play this game,not for fun,just for money,so endless bots,endless fighting,if you say dkp or roll ,yo will be attacked by most of players,1 reason,dkp or roll are not fair,funny thing is ,everyday lots of fighting on gdkp,you don’t buy gear,you will be insulted,cz you are “cheap”,when you step in a gdkp team,you have to use your money,otherwise you will be blacklisted or kick out the team.
honestly it’s not just in game,the whole country develop as this way.
that’s why I play US server,I just want to enjoy pure fun.


Damn, that sucks. Really sorry to hear that. :confused:

Glad you’re with us though, hope the latency isn’t too bad.


Uhm. In china children are taught English for hours at a very early age. Most of them probably have better written grammar and spelling than many Americans. This looks suspect tbh.

I know in India, similar deal. They’re written English is really good.


Agree, this seems like a troll to me lol. If you learned english in china, your english is most likely not this kind of faux broken english.


“Chinese person who doesn’t have perfect English grammar? Cant be Chinese.”

Thats how stupid you two look. Mind blowing tbh.


Get educated.

Such an embarrassing take lmao.


isn’t the game as a whole completely different? censored and blood removed etc?

This is probably one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. Have you been outside your home country? I have. Most people in China speak zero English besides phrases they remember from school.


as an english teacher in china, i think the op has some pretty decent english!


I did some dungeon pug runs with some Chinese players in my server and they said the same thing to me. GDKP is really cancer.




I’m assuming a certain level of education. If a student was smart enough to do well on the “college” examination, their English would be decent - especially at age … dunno 30?

In china, it’s not like here where you can still be “successful” without doing well in school. In Asia as a whole, this final exam is the gate keeper. Anyone who does “well” in their career would have done well on this exam.

Edit: Now if you want to assume this is a 18 year old kid who doesn’t study and plays video games all day, sure. But if you want to assume a 30 year old adult who can afford to live or in a city - where there’s infrastructure, this english is extremely poor.

All the outsourced consultants replacing Americans with Asian phone customer service? Their english is excellent. And their written English probably excellent as well.

Step outside buddy, the internet is clearly not a healthy place for you anymore.

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Your deductive skills are lacking. You may want to study logic and reasoning as well as argumentation. There is enough probability that a poorly speaking Chinese person exists that broken English isn’t the marker of a troll. You can say other wise as much as you like, but it would be very surprising if every person in china had exceptional English skills.


You just destroyed me with facts and logic lmao

Hi dear. I kiss you send pik

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wait, there’s blood?

I know for a fact you are someone who has never been to Asia or probably any country besides your own lmao

Of course, an american telling others from a different country that he knows their country better than they do. That is being a true american. You sir a patriot and a hero.
‘Merica, F* YEA!’

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