Ilvl question

i upgraded a weapon to 437, and my item lvl doesnt go up. a 424 weapon gives same total ilvl as 437. does it take a while to upload or something?

In-game, your total ilevel shown in your Character pane updates instantly.

Since you didn’t post on the character in question, I can’t make any very specific guesses, but here are a couple of things to consider:

  1. Your total ilevel is calculated from the highest ilevel of all the Soulbound pieces you could use, even if you don’t have the highest ilevel piece in each slot equipped.
  2. 424 to 437 is 13 ilevels, and you have 15 or 16 slots, depending on whether you are using a one-handed or two-handed weapon, so your total ilevel increase will be 13/15 or 13/16, so slightly less than one ilevel overall, That should normally increase your integer total ilevel by 1, but I wonder whether there may be something in the rounding that doesn’t chalk up the next total ilevel integer.