Illusion: Chronos - Myth or Reality?

Since returning in late BFA I have been running Nighthold (LFR, Normal, Heroic and Mythic) on and off in the hopes of snagging the Chronos Illusion. No luck so far but given some of the comments and staggering run counts on Wowhead I’m starting to wonder if it is off the loot table?

Has anyone had it drop this year? I know it is a low, low chance but I need some glimmer of hope or I’ll move on to something else.


I can’t speak to any drop rates, but I wanted to add that I did see it on my realm’s black market auction house several months ago. I don’t check often so can’t say if it appeared more than that lately. It may be worth it to park a character to check daily, although it will likely be a great bidding war if it appears.

Hmm, TBH I had really forgotten about the BMAH. I’ll start giving that a shot as well. Thanks!

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It dropped for me about 8 months ago.

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I saw it drop for my friend who was with me on a mount run. I also got the EN appearance. It definitely drops, just really rare.

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That is great news! Thanks for confirming for me. Hope has been renewed!

Update: finally dropped for me today 6/16/22. I appreciate the good luck peeps.