Illidan CRZ players on ER?

Hello everyone!

I am currently standing in the middle of the city of Suramar and there is a group of similarly named characters all standing on top of each other, chain killing the mobs in the city, and all of those characters are listed from Illidan which seems odd to me. I thought on RP PvE servers everything is only shared with other RP servers unless it’s capital cities or newest zones? Am I missing something?


And in an update I am now seeing this, all from Anvilmar. I just came back after a few weeks hiatus and have never seen this many botters/multiboxers from other realms before here on ER, let alone in older zones. I thought we didn’t get connected or anything?

Also for some reason it tells me I can’t include links or pics in my post but oh well.

I believe you need to hit a certain post threshold on the forums before they allow you to start adding links or pictures to your posts.

I can’t say for certain why you’d be seeing Illidan or Anvilmar players in Suramar but it’s possible that it’s a side effect from recent merges. Realistically though I imagine they’re server hopping looking for something in particular.

We’re CRZ’d with Kirin Tor, Argent Dawn, and Steamwheadle, and they’re either CRZ’d or merged with a whole other slew of servers, and that was before the recent merger. I don’t know who they are connected with now. So I believe what you saw, I just have no way of fully explaining exactly how they ended up here.

I’ve also seen unexpected server names now and them. Sometimes I think it’s whomever we’re merged with and so on, and sometimes, when hanging in Boralus and I spot only one or two, I think it’s cross-realm people who were pugged into raids.