/ignore for cross realm players


this is mainly a feature suggestion, there have been a few times in the past where I have wished this feature was in place, if someone is being a general jerk online I appreciate the ability to ignore them. but when grouping with players from other servers this feature does not seem to be available as any attempts give a “player not found” error ( probably because the feature only checks players on your current realm with that name.) currently players are still able to whisper you even after you leave the group which means somtimes when a pug goes wrong you get that one guy who is just egging a reaction whispering you constantly and where i would normally just make a seperate chat tab for Whispers and then tab to another, this would mean i am un-able to read ANY whispers. sort of a band-aid fix but hey better than giving trolls the reaction they want. ( no offence my troll horde brethren ) , would love to see what others might think about this idea.

(Itsuki) #2

…but you can ignore people from other servers already.



ah so it must be typed out then? because i typically ignore people by right clicking on the name and choosing “ignore” doing this does not work.

( would like to be able to right click -> ignore then )

(Itsuki) #4

I usually type it in so I can’t speak for the right-click method, but typing the command definitely works.

(Baridorielor) #5

Easier way of typing them in is Shift click their name in chat after typing /ignore.