Ignite snapshot?

Can anyone confirm how ignite works on fire mage? I get the basics and everything and am doing fine with it. I just don’t know if it snapshots like feral bleeds or not.

Example: throw a fireball and pyroblast at target, ignite is sitting at about 4k, cast a scorch, ignite drops down to like 800. Cast a fireball, goes up to 1200, cast fire blast, drops back down.
And I’m referring to what it says on the debuff below a targets nameplate, the damage goes up and down.
So is my small ignite rolling into the bigger ones or what exactly?

Ignite is a rolling amount of damage that only lasts for four seconds after each application of fire spell damage; it does not snapshot.

they roll together. they don’t clip and damage isn’t wasted. It does not snapshot based on temporary stat enhancements.

okay i wanna say i get it but i dont understand the damage of it. Just testing around, ill get to a 1k ignite with using my fireball on the target dummy. It ticks 1k over and over, then i throw a fireblast or scorch on it and suddenly my ignite is smaller down to like 850, and it ticks for 850.
Basically im asking is it supposed to go up and down because once you start combusting and spamming pyros, ignite gets huge? So is it a tuning thing. Because it makes me not wanna ever even push scorch or anything that will debuff my ignite lol

First spell will deal its ignite amount over 9 seconds, ticking every second. If you hit again in that window, it will add the remaining damage yet to tick to the full ignite amount of the first spell, and evenly spread that total over 10 seconds. If you hit again in that window, it’s going to reset the 10 seconds and add the remaining damage yet to tick to THAT total, etc. So you’re not debuffing ignite by casting more spells, just resetting the clock and making the total larger.

In your case, it was ticking for 1k over and over (so the total was say 9k), and let’s say your Fireblast ignite total was 5k. If the Fireball had ticked 8 times for 8k damage before you hit Fireblast, there’s still one 1k tick left when you hit with Fireblast. It’s going to roll that remaining 1k into the 5k and now tick for a total of 6k over 10 seconds, so ~600 per second. Nothing lost in the end, just recombining and spreading the overall damage over 10 seconds. The more you hit, the more the overall amount is going to grow, and the ticks will get larger and larger.

This is all basically lifted from the Fire Mage Hub guide, which explains it better.

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you’re my hero…that was perfectly explained. Couldn’t find any explanation anywhere else

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