IF/ELSE macro

I’m starting to learn disc priest and am trying to find a way to put an IF/Else statement into my healing rotation
For example, i would like flash heal to heal my target but if say, ALT is held to heal my focus
i have already made something up which looks like
/cast [@focus] flash heal
but id like to be able to switch between targeted and focus for healing for more efficiency.
Macro forum has some mixed bag of results with people saying yes you can run an IF/Else statement while others say different.
If anyone who is quite good at Macros/Scripting could help me out it would be neato.

Im pretty sure you cant use IF/ELSE statements in the way you intend.

At most you can macro multiple spells to a single keybind that serves as a rotation each time it is pressed.

Otherwise you’re essentially having the game make decisions for you with a single press of a button :wink:

Well that makes me a sad panda


/cast [mod:alt,@focus] [] Flash Heal

The entire macro system is if/elseif/else condition sets.

Further reading:

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The main thing you can’t do with macros is have a macro produce two different outputs without different target conditions, or an addition input from you.


Thanks a million for the help. Absolute gems

I personally don’t think the principle “macro can’t make decision for you” is a right statement, since many macros are making decision for players by checking situations and then doing different things. In specific, some commonly used situations are exists, nodead, help etc., and the macro will perform different actions after checking if such situations are met.