If you're banning GDKP, what alternative solution are you offering?

“I got called out so the person that called me out is toxic”


You are being toxic, re-read what you wrote. Instead of debating the merits of the post you are attacking my guild, which you don’t even know.

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Berg I remember you from classic vanilla, you’re a cool guy but you’ve gotta see that you’re on the wrong side of history when you fight on behalf of gdkps - and you’re not representing your side very well having this thread spam meltdown. The decision has been made. Time to circle the wagons and find out if your competitive raiding guild will survive when they can’t buy loot anymore. This isn’t stopping at SoD either, it will inevitably bleed over to the other versions of WoW.


Join a guild. Run your own PuGs

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I don’t need to debate the merits of your post when you listed ten issues your guild seems to have that you need GDKP to solve.

Or are those not actually problems you have to deal with and therefore don’t need GDKP to solve them?

Pretty straightfoward.


No, it hasn’t.

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I think what people don’t like is pay-to-win, which is why they are banning the selling of items in raids and dungeons.


honestly this decision by blizzard is going to accomplish nothing except getting players to quit when they are frustrated with the loot council and free rolls raid loot systems.

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I hosted GDKPs for the entirety of classic vanilla, and because of it had the best time in wow history. Not sure what version of history you’re remembering.

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Why did you omit the rest of the paragraph? The decision is clearly made for this upcoming phase. You need to deal with it, man.

Because they reverse stuff like this all the time based on overwhelming feedback. Feral changes in wotlk, hunter changes in SoD, and so on.

People complain on the forums, they make a change. Then the actual players flood the forums to explain how dumb of a change it was.

I’ve not been wasting my time talking here until now because until now they’ve not succumb to the weak and baseless arguments about GDKP

If you all wish to try and debate the merits see the OP and take your best shot.

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Every raid that uses rolls or loot council has these problems. Mine doesn’t because we use GDKP. You didn’t debate a single point.

What’s your argument? You use loot council and your council is immune to bias? Not possible. It’s human nature. It may just a bias you agree with. I almost certainly would take issue with it.


You’re telling me your current raid would have the problems you listed if you had to run a 10 man dungeon with MS/OS like God and Chris Metzen intended?


That isn’t exactly true. GDKP incentives players to play the game and farm, and the players who actually play outside of raid logging are rewarded for it (by having gold they farmed and made using the AH)

Ive went to several GDKPs in SOD and almost every item goes for between 1 and 10 gold. Most epics for 10-20 gold. Sometimes you have items go for around 100 gold, still not a huge sum for players who spend lots of time farming and working the auction house. Items go for this much when you have a few players who need a rare item like the caster pants or the staff, that also do more than raid log and have saved gold over the last month and a half of content drought.

I wont be using them anymore obviously, because they will be banned, but the merit to GDKPs for me in SoD was that I was able to get items very cheap and much easier than a guild raid or pug.

Just waiting for loot council to tell me mages cant have the Neltharians Tear because we get hit percentage from talents.

Its inevitable.

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I’m telling you I don’t run MS > OS for any raid, internal or external. The only time I run it is when I have a fresh toon and I want free gear.

If we did run it internally there would inevitably be spoken or unspoken resentment.

“Oh, you rolled on a weapon earlier in the raid”
“Wow, you got 3 items and I got 1”
“Why did you give away that item to the next highest roll but not this item”
“That item isn’t as good for you as it is for me”

If you don’t think this isn’t happening I assure you it is, even if not vocally.


He is delusional if doesn’t think its happening. Its happening in SoD and its happening in Era right now too.

Yes Era. Even whitemane cluster still has loot councils and guild runs.

Loot councils routinely give gear to people based on personal friendship and bias over other people. They also do over their own personal opinions on what items are good for what class, whether they are correct or not.

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One that doesn’t involve buying/selling gold or supporting botters.