If you were to work in World of Warcraft Universe

If the succubus is only a demon, then why does it matter if we put more clothes on her? :crazy_face: got ya there!

Because it was conceived like that in a game that is 17 years old. Only a dirty mind can see sexuality in a succubus.

How do you see her?

From Wikipedia

Normal people see multiple things. Normal people have wishes, desires, fears and are subject to paradolia.

Normal people develop dopamine driven pleasure rewarding associations.

There is a dsm for people who cant acquire any “fetiches” or cant see a “human form” in a “human depiction”, to cite how not normal those are.

answer the question I asked you

Don’t dodge the fact that a succubus is a literal sex demon. Refer to the page above or google it yourself if you aren’t pleased with my source.

To answer your question, I’ve outlined my position thoroughly in this thread

The demon does what the warlock orders What if they tell their imps to be a naughty little plucker ?

Then Houston , we have a problem

this is not folklore, it’s a fantasy game that has nothing to do with reality .

If it offends you that there are succubus, you have it easy. change the game. Because if they listen to you in this one, you will end up playing alone in this game.

What’s the difference in folklore and fantasy?

voilà … dont even need further investigation

Too many. study it.

and contextualize your quotes. I said fantasy game

I would work at the Darkmoon Faire. When it wasn’t running I could wonder around the far reaches of Azeroth doing Archeology. Maybe being doing some fishing and being a fishing vendor.

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ppl dont know folklore is folk lore.

They like those many cultural bla bla that makes satan and cthulhu oh so different and not just some made up story.

I apologize to the OP. I thought I was answering in a different post. Still, what I said is said.


The warcraft version of a Carnie ?

A ticket vendor or a ride operator. Please make sure to keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times or you may lose them. :smiley:

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A Cleric of Northshire Abbey (Holy Priest) turned Discipline Priest who resides in Dalaran and practices Archaeology.

I would be an eternal apprentice mage who spoils everything. A disaster :kissing_closed_eyes:

I see a lot of places would be a lot emptier if “Wow was Real”. Whole lot of places no one even mentions going or being there. lol