If you don’t have 2/4 piece by Tuesday

Let them waste their charge. Tier has almost exclusively been on helm, shoulders, chest, gloves and legs when it comes to tier sets. There are very few tier sets that included other item slots than those.

Let people learn something from their failures. If they cant open up the Adventure Guide and look at the loot table, thats their fault to see what items tier comes on, thats their fault.

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They literally call it tier:

The fact that they have the name makes them tier. No other gear named as part of the set has not been tier.

Why do you keep ignoring the last line of the paragraph you linked?

Think for a second, if they indented for bracers/boots to work as part of the tier set, why are the ones you currently get from the raid not work like that? They could have done it since the start.

ARMOR SET is not the same as tier set. It never has been.


I can’t yell at the rocks anymore. I seriously can’t.


Are you purposely acting dense? Can you literally NOT read where the image shows you what pieces have the set bonus? NOTHING CHANGES FOR SET BONUSES. THEY ARE ON THE SAME PIECES THEY ALWAYS WERE AND DO NOT CHANGE.

No, it’s literally being completely oblivious to what’s staring them in the face.

Yep. I’m done. I’m out. I can’t take the blatant ineptitude anymore.

Check the loot table really quick.

Do you see your item with stats? Or do you see the generic class/group token in the adventure guide?

They explain it right there.

Applies to what can be made in the Creation Catalyst with corresponding gear:

You don’t need to see stats to see which slots are considered “tier” and offer bonuses

You posted the same thing but in a different order.

It still says that the helms, shoulders, cloaks, chests, bracers, gloves, belts, legs, and boots slots will have tier pieces available to craft through the catalyst.

Yeah but none of the new tier pieces are in the loot tables to begin with.

Before you leave.
Do you understand why i specifically made this thread?

Okay, bye.

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Yes, pieces that you can CRAFT. That’s all that that is saying.

They go on and explain what gives bonuses. The fact that people are unable to comprehend something as plain as day as this is beyond me.

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Because they’re not tier pieces. It’s part of the set. It completes the look. That is it.

my lock have finally got 3/4 tier gear after 7 weeks of not getting any tier pieces. if I don’t get my 4th set today, Tuesday will be the day!

There’s a difference between giving the bonus and counting towards the bonus. I think that may be what’s throwing a wrench in things.

Last raids gear did something similar. Only certain pieces of the whole set actually gave specific bonuses, but other pieces could count towards the bonus.

This is one in the same…you know that right?

They’re just not in the game at all right now. They will be in the game next week.

They are tier pieces. Blizzard calls them tier in their post and I think people have mentioned that they have the same naming convention - which is consistent how all other tier pieces/sets in the game have worked since vanilla.

Hmmm, lets do a little reading shall we? You know something we start to learn to do in the 1st grade if not sooner.

Oh look, what wonders reading will tell you

-Dreadful Chest Module
-Dreadful Hand Module
-Dreadful Helm Module
-Dreadful Leg Module
-Dreadful Shoulder Module

Each of those comes with further text explaining what it is

“Create a soulbound Sepulcher of the First Ones Class Set item appropriate for your class.”

If you are too dumb to figure that out, I dont know what to say.

Not to mention that the naming of other slots like belt and such dont carry the same name as the tier set. For instance, the tier set for Dk has First Eidolon in the name. The other items that would finish the tier look, not the set bonus, do not have that naming scheme.

But the Judgement tier gear for paladins all have Judgement in the name that included more than just the 5 slots tier has now, and not only that, that tier gear had a 8 piece bonus.

No it’s not - domination gear created a line between the 2.

They did that last tier because at the beginning you only had 3 pieces that gave you the bonus, then they added the other 2 to make it easier to get the effect.

They dont need to do that when we already have 5 pieces that give the tier set bonuses and we are getting this new system to make whatever piece we are missing.

There is 0 reason to make crafted bracer/boots count as part of the bonuses, if they were going to do that then the ones we get as raid drops would do the same.

It also doesnt make any sense that when they have this line in the same post

They go out of their way to make sure people understand that bracers/boots DO NOT count as part of the tier set bonus. There is 0 room for interpretation.

A gear conversion tool that happens to convert gear into tier when used on the appropriate slots.

Not a single person saw it as a stat reforger because it just converts the piece into something else entirely, irrevocably.

The only people who read anything more into it are just making things up baselessly.