If you don’t have 2/4 piece by Tuesday

i have ben planning and capping conquest points so i can buy the pvp unranked gear and turn it in to a tier set.

ill have a full tier set in 4-5 weeks using unranked conquest gear.


This was linked above:

To me that reads like it’ll function like domination gear where only 2 pieces of all domination gear actually gave the bonus, but all pieces would count towards getting the bonus.

I mean they could simply put text like:

This item will result in tier set bonuses.
This item will not result in tier set bonuses.

But they’re adding in the other slots to the “of the Empyrean” tier set. Those would make sense to work with the bonus.

Apparently they’re new items all together, not items that currently exist.

The :clap: other :clap: slots :clap: don’t :clap: have :clap: set :clap: bonuses.

Are you purposely trying to act obtuse?

Tell me exactly what you see in this picture:

And tell me exactly what you understand from this sentence:

This is what I was thinking. I thought the 5 pieces that gave bonuses were common knowledge. Am I giving too much credit?

That’s not what people will see when they try to make a bracer, boot cloak or waist item.

What they’ll see is a tier piece with “of the Empyrean” at the end of it.

Various people have already told me they think this will work with the tier bonus.

You need at least one of those slots of tier gear to get the bonus. That’s what I understand. That’s what’s familiar given that’s how the last raid set bonus worked.

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They do now. But the catalyst system now ADDS more pieces of tier to include cloak, boots, waist and wrists.

That’s not tier. That’s just adding to the “set”

Tier has always been the 5 pieces that gave bonuses.

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To get a tier piece it needs to have a corresponding piece, if it doesn’t have one you wont create a tier piece. It does sound a bit ambiguous, but they clarify in the next line:

Is 100% clear that you need to use a shoulder, chest, gloves and legs to get a tier set. Again, is not like the vast majority of the player base even read that post, what matters is that the in game interface is clear on what you are creating and it certainly is.

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But they specifically call it tier. Both in the blue post AND in game - the items now literally have the tier prefix/suffix on them.

I think this is the crux of the confusion.

They should just have never called the new slots tier in the first place. Tier pieces have always counted towards the system bonus. Seeing a piece of gear called “tier” by blizzard and labeled with the tier name is going to make a lot of people think it works with the bonus system.

The call out to activating the bonus will sound similar to domination gear, which is why people are currently saying they only need 1 of those pieces.

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I think you just need 1 of those slots for the bonus. You can still use any of the other tier gear to hit the 2 and 4 piece thresholds.

That’s still the “set of gear”

Tier has always been the 5 slots. A set is a complete “set” of gear, encompassing the other slots. Tier is just the 5 it’s always been.

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They’ll see a piece of gear with STATS ONLY AND NO BONUS ON IT.

Then various people are lacking seriously basic comprehension skills when looking at their screen, looking at their tier and reading a blue post.



Dom shards ARE NOT TIER.

The sheer lack of comprehension here is beyond astounding.

Wrong. It’s added in the the rest of the outfit. IT DOES NOT ADD BONUSES TO THOSE PIECES.


Literally no one cares what the title of a piece of gear is. LOOK AT THE BONUSES.


OMG… :woman_facepalming:t4:

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Right now - yes, only those 5 pieces. With the catalyst tier will be more than these 5.

They call it out both in the blue post AND in game - the items now literally have the tier prefix/suffix on them.

Can’t say you didn’t try to warn them. Just wait for the QQ on Tuesday and maybe by 9.3 we’ll have all 10 pieces added to tier bonuses >.<



Wrists have the name, because it’s part of the set. They do not have the bonuses, because they’re not part of the tier.

It’s as simple as that.

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They’ll see a picture of an item named like all the other tier pieces. Since all other set bonuses in the game named similarly, it’s easy for them to think it will work with the bonus system.


Let them waste their charge. Tier has almost exclusively been on helm, shoulders, chest, gloves and legs when it comes to tier sets. There are very few tier sets that included other item slots than those.

Let people learn something from their failures. If they cant open up the Adventure Guide and look at the loot table, thats their fault to see what items tier comes on, thats their fault.

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They literally call it tier:

The fact that they have the name makes them tier. No other gear named as part of the set has not been tier.