If you don’t have 2/4 piece by Tuesday

Yup - those 8 pieces were the tier gear.

Yup - not sure why there’s needs to be a time limit though. They’ve done it in the past. There’s no reason to restrict that information.

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What is this even supposed to mean? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Then do you get to choose from which of the 3 leather belts in raid your item gets turned into?

Since 9.2 came out, I’ve never heard anyone refer to anything else other than the 5 pieces as “tier”. Since tier sets have EVER been a thing, I’ve never heard a piece of gear that didn’t count towards the bonus as “tier”.

It’ll turn into whatever leather belt from the raid that matches the other 8 pieces of your class set. It will change the appearance and stats of the item you’re putting into the catalyst to that from the raid set. If you don’t care about the looks or the raid piece isn’t itemized right for you with its stats then just don’t bother.

Welcome to World of Warcraft 2008 The Burning Crusade, patch 2.4.
The release of Sunwell and pieces 6-8 (bracers, belt, and boots) of tier 6. All of which contribute to the 2 and 4pc set bonus.

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Just putting this here once again for people to still not read or look at and comprehend.

It actually doesn’t do that even. I’m not sure if the stats actually match up or not, but the pieces it creates is actually named after the tier set such as https://ptr.wowhead.com/item=188895/mercurial-punishers-wristguards?bonus=6805

It’s really not well thought about or designed.


I’m not the one trolling here, you are.

I didn’t have any questions here you troll. I made the thread to inform players.
And as can be seen from this thread… i was right, that there would be misunderstandings regarding the system.

So this thread is useful, now get lost.

Edit: Actually don’t get lost, stay here and witness players that needed this thread keep talking about the system.

i’m sure you have- do tier 4, tier 5, tier 6, tier 14, tier 20, etc. ring any bells? they all correspond to a specific raid…the set too.

What you’re referring to is “Raid” tiers, not Tier gear. Also no one refers to them like that - they say “WoD”, “Antorus”, “Eternal Palance”, “Nyalotha”, etc. I’ve played since vanilla and I’ve never heard numbers used - it’s always been the raid instance that defines that raid “tier”.

In terms of this discussion though, we’re talking about something separate - gear.

No one has used the term “tier” and referred to anything but the 5 pieces that give the bonus.

Oh yikes! Honestly this makes it worse.

I can EASILY see people thinking that because it was part of a named set - that they would contribute to the bonus.

I think this would be the first time ever where a tier set had named pieces that DID NOT count towards the bonus.

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ok i’m done here. this is obviously someone trying to troll. y’all have fun.

You know, this thread makes me think that maybe Blizzard is right and reforging is too complex for most of the player base for it to come back lmao.

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The lack of critical thinking from some people is truly sad to see.

Like, seriously. It shows you what the piece turns into. Tier hasn’t been on boots/belt/bracers in forever. What is the confusion here?


Did you see the Creation Catalyst marketed as a:
a) Tier creator
b) Stat reforger
c) both

What was it marketed as?
Why does everyone cry for it to come online? To:
a) get set bonuses
b) reforge stats
c) get mogs
d) all of the above

The answer to both is the a) option.
If you can’t see the issue with how the player base comes to expect it, then it means you’re as blind as Blizzards marketing staff.
If you can’t see that a lot of players will fudge it up come Tuesday then you’re ignorant to the world you live in.

The real answers to what the Creation Catalyst is are c) and d) , but it won’t be the way it’ll go down.

This is not how one markets a feature, Blizzard.

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Given that the belt is (more or less) Heroic Raid ilvl and I don’t Mythic Raid, hell yes I left it on the belt. I’m not going to grind for 30 ilvl on one piece of non-weapon, non-trinket gear that doesn’t even affect the power that makes it strong.

It’s literally marketed the exact way it works. It’s been over a decade since tier bonuses have been on anything other than chest, shoulders, head, gloves and pants. The Catalyst specifically shows you that. The blue post specifically shows you that. THE TIER PEOPLE HAVE BEEN TARGETING IN RAIDS AND VAULT shows us that.

My god, what else do you people want? :roll_eyes:

? It is mainly to get tier set with a secondary function to change stats. Nobody is going to spend their first charges on non-tier items or to get a transmog pieces.

Nobody that plays the game and not just do world content that is.

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It isn’t marketed properly.
It should convey the following when it’s presented.
The Creation Catalyst is a system used for getting tier bonuses, reforging stats and getting transmog sets.

A) Get tier set bonuses by converting main pieces: helm, chest, shoulders gloves or pants.

B) Reforge stats by converting offpieces: boots, belt, back, bracers.

C) Obtain transmog afferent to the item level of what piece you convert using the catalyst.

Where is it marketed as reforging reloaded?
You guys suck as much as Blizzard does when conveying what a system does to the general public.

And who is more right here?
You saying everything is clear?
Or these other players that were confused as to how the system works?

What do you think the majority of the players in-game will appreciate the system as?
Will they think:
a) i can get tier bonuses
b) i can reforge stats
c) i can get mogs
d) i can get all of the above

Regarding to the system?
The majority will recognize the system as a) , since that’s what it was marketed as from the get-go.
I haven’t seen a “reforging is back/reloaded/here again” from Blizzard regarding the system when it was presented. That would have been one of the things that should have been highlighted by Blizzard.

But hey, i won’t be getting complaints on next reset, or flooded with tickets.


This is an MMORPG, people are expected to have a brain and do things for themselves, like think for a second that if they are looking to get a tier piece maybe they should use a piece that is part of the tier set and not boots/bracers.