If you don’t have 2/4 piece by Tuesday

kindly refrain from trolling; your posts offer no value, fact, or worth. just because you don’t agree with the obvious answers to your own questions doesn’t mean they’re useless… maybe it’s just you.

i think some people shouldn’t be allowed to think.

tier sets have always been a set determined number and slots. they don’t magically create new slots to offer more combinations like the legendaries… and as a matter of fact, this is the first time we’ll be able to magically convert pieces into tier, and yet people are still trying to complain.

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No, because I have Cypher gear, not Relic gear. You don’t need a screenshot to tell you what the screenshot I posted already shows you. Look at it.

Yes. It is ridiculous to think that all pieces will have the set bonus when the screenshot and the blue post literally tell you the ONLY pieces that will give you the set bonus.

what other tier pieces?? there is only 5.

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So they’re expanding the tier beyond the 5 current slots.

But I think only the 5 current ones give the bonus - kind of how only a subset of the domination pieces from SoD gave the bonus for that system.

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no they are not. they are giving us the opportunity to convert certain ilvl gear into the missing tier set pieces. nothing else magically turns into tier that isn’t a helm, shoulder, chest, glove, or leg.

Then why do they say “The applicable slots are helms, shoulders, cloaks, chests, bracers, gloves, belts, legs, and boots.”?

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Complaining on the forum works, I got my first tier piece tonight. It didn’t drop for me though, someone traded their token to me lol.

because the others convert into corresponding raid gear from what i’m understanding. you will not get tier set bonus on bracers by using a bracer.

Yeah I don’t consider those slots “tier” either if they don’t contribute towards at least getting the bonus.

I don’t think they should reference it “tier” if that’s not the case.

My question is - WHICH raid gear then?

There’s multiple belts, wrists, and boots in the raid. Do we get to choose which one?

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no idea, heh.

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They’re all tier because the make up a set, some of the set don’t have bonuses.

what people fail to realize is that “tier” just means current raid content… which does include tier sets w/ bonuses once again.

people just got used to calling the set as “tier” until they removed them from the game.

THey are all tier items in the sense that they are part of the complete set . The bonuses only refer to the specific items .

If you were to use a complete tier set for a transmog and only had say the pieces needed for your bonus , you could not go to the transmogger and use that set because it isn’t the full tier set.

Only since TBC. Vanilla had 8 piece set bonuses.

… I literally said “since Vanilla.” You even quoted it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yup - those 8 pieces were the tier gear.

Yup - not sure why there’s needs to be a time limit though. They’ve done it in the past. There’s no reason to restrict that information.

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What is this even supposed to mean? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Then do you get to choose from which of the 3 leather belts in raid your item gets turned into?

Since 9.2 came out, I’ve never heard anyone refer to anything else other than the 5 pieces as “tier”. Since tier sets have EVER been a thing, I’ve never heard a piece of gear that didn’t count towards the bonus as “tier”.