If you don’t have 2/4 piece by Tuesday

The Catalyst literally shows you this:

If someone is incapable of reading, then yes, that’s on them. Blizz has also specifically said which pieces carry the set bonus, tier has carried the set bonus on those particular pieces for over a decade and this thread exists. Between all of that… yes, it’s their fault if they make bracers without a set bonus and cry about it.

This is absolutely to finish the set, a way to “reforge” your stats and a way to apparently upgrade the gear, as well. It’s not just for the five pieces and that’s a good thing.


I don’t think it is. Whether I’ve ever talked with anyone (since vanilla) about getting/ having tier - it’s been about the pieces that give the bonus.

-Did you get your final piece of tier?

  • yup, got my x piece bonus now.

No one has ever meant about the genetic raid pieces that completed the transmog set.

While I do think this “feature” is nice to have, I think the issue is that they’re calling these pieces “tier pieces”.

If you don’t have a piece to see the difference, I could see people thinking that if they have 1 of the 5 core pieces, that’s all they need to actually get the bonus - with any combination of the other pieces counting towards the bonus.

This especially makes sense when we’re just coming off domination gear which worked exactly that way. You only needed certain pieces to activate the bonus - any combination of the other pieces counted towards the bonus.

I think it’s worth them clarifying.

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They did. :point_down:

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That reads like the domination gear. The 5 pieces grant the bonus - but the other tier pieces can still count towards the bonus.

Just like the blood, frost and unholy bonuses were only on certain slots.

Literally says:

That’s how tier has been for over a decade. This isn’t rocket science. And the Catalyst specifically shows you what you’re getting.

I can’t honestly believe people will be this obtuse when they use the Catalyst.

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All tier pieces in the past have Anaya counted towards the bonus.

That reads how domination set bonuses work - only certain pieces actually had the bonuses written on them, but all domination pieces would count towards getting the bonus.

While the education system could use an overhaul in some parts of the world, the main culprit is we no longer have access to natures finest weapon against stupidity… natural selection.


Where have bracers, boots and belts counted towards set bonuses in the past decade?

No. This is tier. Not dom shard stuff.

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I think they have counted when they were actually considered tier gear.

As others have referenced, I think they’re combining how tier bonuses work with the recent SoD bonus system minus the shards. I.e. you only need one of the pieces that has the bonus written on it to get the bonus.

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Once again… they have never had set bonuses on them in over a decade.

Incorrect. Please look at the picture that was provided.

Good lord… does no one understand how tier works?

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I don’t think you understand.

No one, when referring to “tier” gear has ever referred to any of the raid pieces that DIDN’T count towards the bonus.

This entire raid, no one has referred to the non bonus loot as tier. The fact that it’s tier implies that it’s linked to the bonus.

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No. It doesn’t. It’s simply part of the entire set. It’s semantics. The pic I posted literally shows you how it works— just like tier before it.

No one has ever referred to the other pieces of the “entire set” as “tier”.

It’s like talking to a wall… :woman_facepalming:

They’re part of the OUTFIT they do NOT count towards the set bonus.
They’re part of the OUTFIT they do NOT count towards the set bonus.
They’re part of the OUTFIT they do NOT count towards the set bonus.

Let go of the freaking semantics and listen to what we’re all telling you.

Then why would they put a cooldown on the “tier” non- bonus pieces.

Seems like only the 5 current pieces would need to be time gated.

If they’re gating the other slots then it would make sense that they would count towards the set bonus.

As others have said, when we just came from a system where pieces that didn’t have the bonus written on them would count towards the bonus, it makes sense that this system works in a similar way.

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The cooldown isn’t on the gear piece. The cooldown is on the Catalyst machine itself.

Those pieces are for “reforging,” and for ilevel upgrades for some, along with finishing the entire outfit.

The Catalyst cooldown shortens over time and eventually will be gone entirely.


Can you not read? Or comprehend the screenshot?

I swear, y’all are purposely being obtuse just to screw with me. :woman_facepalming:

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I don’t think the ilvl increases. I think it stays the same.

I disagree. There’s no reason to limit people on converting gear for “transmog” if it didn’t also count towards the bonus.

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good news, I’m barely above sandworn relic ilvl…never fear! WQ superstar Saan is here!

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I don’t think this is right.

I think it implies it will work like dom gear - where you just need 1 piece with the set bonus to “activate” the bonus and any combination of the other tier pieces to contribute.

So you need AT LEAST one of the helm, shoulders, chest, gloves, or leg pieces to get the bonus.