If you can't beat em, join em

i still want aug to be deleted but since it won’t i decided i’d try it. it’s actually really fun and i love the free IO.

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To each their own, but I find it mind numbing, particularly in m+. In raid there is some skill expression but in m+ it’s brutally fool proof, imo.

But glad you’re enjoying it, get dat io.


thanks bro, nice guild btw


I wouldn’t say “really fun” but i love (hate) how smooth it makes m+ runs.

I much prefer the slightly more nuanced gameplay of devastation.

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Yeah I just benched my evoker.
Until aug is deleted I will not be touching Devo just bc of Pugs.
They see dev and auto kick, or they see dev and leave your key.
Biggest mistake they’ve made in a long time imo.
Should’ve been a tank or melee.

I finally did devo for first time in a while was surprised by the smg was fun but I still prefer Aug.

Ayyyyy you too bro

Meh, any new class can be fun just because its different. After doing a bit of aug, I found it boring in dungeons and not entertaining in raid. Devo feels a lot better, granted it doesn’t have the same power level.

I’m hoping this goes the way of glad spec, the game would be more in balance without it.

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i hate it in raid honestly, maybe would be fun if i did it with a proper group instead of random pugs, but i’m a meterbabby. so this will stay my raid main but i can spend 45 minutes on a 447 warlock queuing for keys or i can spend 10 seconds queuing for the same keys on a 440 aug and people damn near break their mouse clicking invite. its wild

i do think it should be deleted but, refer to thread title

I feel like people leaving groups or kicking based off of spec is something we’ve seen before…

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lets hope they add lot’s of 4th spec support class to make the balancing even harder and “Flavour of the month!”



I’d play a Vulpera bard.

Dev feels like more of my thing, but there’s something about Aug that has me hooked. Probably the sandy effects, the sands of time are really pretty.

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