If PvP is just a mini game

then why are we forced to farm the main end game content to just compete in the mini game?


Nah, AV is 40v40.

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Shut up PvP guy.


Its for the best, blizzard knows what they are doing. you wouldnt play if it wasnt fun right? obviously their formula works. never fear… for in shadowlands you will still get to enjoy lots of pve farmz. Youre gonna have to farm your soulbinds/ conduits/ legendaries / etc. !!! Everybody always complains but they never quit… so i thnik they r just trolling. deep down they stick around so you know they love the pve farmz

I play because I’m addicted man, I’m a mmo player and the mmo genre is barren…


Theres been no real impactful mmo released in years. The last one that really shaked my bucket was wildstar on release


You try other mmos and they just feel floaty and wrong…

Yeah sadly it’s pretty rough out there in terms of good MMOs nowadays.

AoC looks to be promising, but that game seems like it’s more geared towards the demographic that enjoyed Lineage 2, EVE Online, and other games like that.

zeal coulda been cool but they ran outta money or something

but it wasnt an mmo its just a 3rd person pvp game

Aion was great but as awesome as the fort sieges were, the lag fest didnt help. Plus ncsoft adding pay to win…

I dont think were going to a standard fantasy game for time to come. One complete with mages, warriors, rangers, etc. On top of that with a cutting edge pvp

ashes of creation?

Yea I’m assuming that’s what he means. Ashes of creation looks cool af to me. I cant wait for its release its probably the only real competition wows gonna have so hopefully it’s as good as promised.

If it’s even half as good as it looked to me it’s probably going to be a fun game.
Did you try out their BR stress test?

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I’m hyped for it tbh and no I wish I did. Did you?

Yeah, it was actually pretty fun. Ran around picking up weapons and trying different combat styles

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Damn lol I wish I would of. I hadn’t really been looking at aoc stuff till recently so I missed it.

I just like its a true 1vE no factions but the ones the players make.
Towns are player controlled, however with that being the case I am going to actively avoid any big streamer’s server or else it will just become their’s.

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PvP is actually end game content since you have to do everything else in the game to do it