If layering is enabled transfers must be as well

I have a 60 on Whitemane and on a medium population server.

If layering is turned on in Whitemane it is completely unfair to not allow players to transfer to Whitemane. With layering on Whitemane is the superior server by far. It is so much easier to find a group / pug a raid / or buy items off the auction house on a full server with layers.

Additionally, battlegrounds are interconnected. I can not find a premade on my med pop. On Whitemane it’s easy.

The only reason to play on a medium population server is to avoid the queue.

We can not have it both ways. I like Whitemane with layers. Do it! But then do not lock out characters who would like to play on a full server with layers enabled.

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No, layering would be a temporary fix. Transferring to Whitemane would only add to the problem layering would be enabled to alleviate.


Layering on whitemane is not a temporary fix. You think anything was fixed in the last 2 months when layers were enabled then removed?

Whitemane is over populated by 2x at least. The only way to fix whitemane without layers is to keep the queues and have players stop logging on to whitemane.

I’m okay with Whitemane queues. I have a character on a med pop I can play when the queue is long.

I am not okay removing the only consequence on an overpopulated server by enabling layering and then not letting players join to play on a over populated server with layering enabled.

Ban the botters, and deal with the multiboxers running 24/7. Raise the server cap. You being upset others can play unhindered is pretty sad.


I agree they should ban the botters and the multiboxers.

The idea people should be able to transfer to a realm that’s layered is counterintuitive to the problem. There’s already TOO MANY people on the realm, which is why it’s layered. Allowing more transfers to the realm would further exacerbate the problem.


Layering incentivizes playing on a full server. It does not decentivizes playing on the server. If Layering is enabled people will continue to play on the Full server with layering enabled.

If you want to fix the problem of too many players logging on to a server then keep the queues.

If you want to reward players for logging on to an overpopulated server instead of transfering off or rerolling on a med population server then you can add layers


LOL, no. Allowing transfers to highly populated realms is part of the problem. PEOPLE are abandoning dead realms in mass to join more popular ones for their faction. This will never stop as servers continue to have attrition the full/high population realms will continue to get new people as people look for healthier place to play. All transfers to high population realms should be stopped right now, or they’ll all end up in a terrible state eventually.


If you want to fix the problem of too many players logging on to a server then keep the queues.

That isn’t a solution. People either will keep trying to log in and the ques won’t be solved or they will unsub rather than leave the server that has all their connections/friends and the only one they have ever known.

This is something Blizzard inflicted on us by allowing so many to transfer here when it was already full. It is also on Blizzard for not taking steps to correct the issue before it become so extreme. It is on Blizzard to fix what they ruined and not at our expense.

In my opinion there is only 1 solution; permanently stop people from making new characters on servers like Whitemane if they don’t already have one, bring back layering and free Xfers, this time to more than the 4 deadest servers but ones people would actually consider Xfering to. Also maybe lock out people who only have low level anchor toons since at this point probably everyone and their mom as at least 1 low level toon on Whitemane anyway.


If they unsub, they’ll be leaving the server.

Layers were added back to reduce the queue while more people were playing. Not to create artificial room on the server to compound the problem.

All transfer restrictions should stay in place if a server is high/full. Otherwise it will just be a circle of layers and transfers and dead servers.

Cutting off transfers to the hyper popular realms has done more for their health than anything else.

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IF you have an existing Character on a (ex)locked server you can create a new toon, but you can not transfer a Character. Does not make sense.

Now, since servers are unlocked, even new people can create characters, transfers are still locked.

Please allow transfer for people who have an existing (pref. high lvl) Character on the destination server. It just does not make any sense. These people are heavily socially connected on their destination server and letting them bring their alts does not affect the amount of time a player is online on that server.

OPEN transfers for people with existing characters on that server!

Edit: This is what Blues are saying:



how about layers, paid transfers turned back on to whitemane and free xfers off of whitemane to any medium and low pop servers and turned off as pops near high levels on the target servers

Layers should be enabled or a more feasible transfer option for the people trapped here than abandoning their guilds and the infrastructure therein to go to a likely dead server.


Dead realms can’t be revived unless free transfers are opened to those realms, only problem is the spergs that like those realms for the low pop only do because they don’t have to put in the effort to rank there. A cap may be like 250k. Which is highly feasible if you got a full time job. Just open up free transfers again, and some will transfer off. But alas this is actiblizzard, who can’t wait to see you pay your $25 to transfer off the server. Have patience and they will open up free transfers. Have no patience and they are fine with you buying those tranfsers.

Actblizzard must see the opening of aq as a huge cash cow as if many will just transfer off of dead realms in the hope that they can get aq loot sooner. Just my thoughts.

I don’t understand. What is “unfair” about a restriction that applies to every customer?

Oh, it’s really about what you want. I understand.

I hope they ignore you. They gave you an out already. You made your bed, now sleep in it.

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