If layering goes in as it is now, expect economy to be 100% destroyed

ok you dont have an arguement, got it

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I agree something needs to be said. BUT
They are testing layering so let them come back with a final result. We have time.

My ‘‘argument’’ is that this has been discussed.
You are fear mongering.


agreed, voicing my concerns, i really hope something changes, and i think there is a good chance they will do something

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i thought they promised it would be out for world bosses, which is like 5-6 months right?

Worst case scenario. Exploiting layering becomes a thing Ugh you could honestly farm Guru for your mount.

No, that was the intentional misrepresentation by scaremongers. Read the post, and if you need, watch the video.

-whispers- Fear mongering.

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Oh neat, another “muh layering” post.

I.e. “Look at meeeeeeeeeeeeewee!”

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Are you going to layer hop? Would that be fun for you?

Just play your game and relax. Things will work themselves out. Layering won’t be around for very long and no it will not DESTROY THE ECONOMY. It just won’t. Get a grip.

I regret,nothing.

Can we take a second and do some basic math…

3 players.
3 layers.
3 nodes.

Each player wants the node. 3 nodes get harvested.

Are you expecting everyone to believe 1 player is going to be able to hoard all 3 nodes?

If there was an infinite number of nodes maybe we’d have a broken economy. That isn’t the case.

Also, exploiters flooding the market with surplus ores, lotus, etc. will lower the price. Simple economics.

Over/under 1 month - how much do you want to bet?

I guess doom and gloom is on the menu for today.

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lvl 1’s can invite to make you hope, so you on your lvl 60 stand on a black lotus node, and your buddy invites you on alts to check 7 or whatever layers

It’s Friday, and the stress test is about to shut down. People are frayed, man!

No! it’ll Destroy EvErYthing! You don’t get it!?!