If I was a moderator

Most is automated. But they should just pay a few guys minimum wage to have some sort of control on random threads.

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I’d ban OP for impersonating a moderator.


Pretty sure we no longer have any dedicated moderators here on GD. It’s like the wild west they occasionally check on.

But what if you were an Oscar Meyer Wiener?

I mean all it would take is a bot banning typical keywords.

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Starting with China and BLM.

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if i was a moderator id delete the forums


There would be alot less drama on this forum if the moderation was more consistent and the trolling threads were not left up to mod opinion or false flagging…


That sounds awfully totalitarian of you. Do you appreciate fascism, or something?

league of legends did that and now its discord, way worse in discord.

Would be a bit hypocritical since Blizzard themselves are taking political stances.

How about no. Everything was all good until people started speaking up and ripping giant holes into the argument. And now it’s an issue with others. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

You have my vote.


Political topics don’t belong on a gaming forum… end of story.

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That doesn’t mean that garbage belongs here.

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Political threads reveal what a “community” really stands for, and helps people increase their ignored list.

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Or how about people follow the posting guidelines for the General Discussion forums. General Discussion means topics about WoW, not real world politics & BS.

Not OP’s fault too many people don’t read this…

Tip of the day: you don’t need to be a moderator. All you need to do is Mute. The Mute ability makes that post invisible to you, so you are not even bothered seeing the title on your forum page.

I am pretty sure that they have specific protocols on how to handle potentially controversial threads. Working outside those protocols usually cost people jobs.

FYI when Blizzard makes PR statements about political topics then it explicitly impacts the World of Warcraft game and its future, and thus is on-topic here.